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The Demon Four Year Old is not actually Hank's nephew...he's an actual demon named Intumescence (Toomy, for short.)

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A Bunny
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Good morning, John.

A couple a weeks ago, I introduced you and the nerdfighters to a friend of mine, and-and people seemed to like him, despite the fact that I'm not a real big fan. But, since you liked him, I decided to invite him back so I could ask him a couple questions. John, nerdfighters, everyone please welcome back to the show, demon four year old. "A human brain weighs three pounds!" That's a very interesting fact, demon four year old, how did you learn that? "Threeee pooouundsss." Well!

Anyway, I'm not sure that I wanna keep calling you demon four year old because it's a little bit creepy, so maybe you can just introduce yourself to us. "Intumescence!" Intu-Intumescence. I don't know what that means. I'm gonna check my phone, I'm gonna-I'm gonna look that one up.

Just hold on, just a second demon four year old. Intumescence: A swelling up with blood or other fluids. That is a very big word for a four year old!

Um, is that what you want us to call you? "Mhmmmna... Mhmnmnranmhnmnwaa!" Okay, Intumescence it is. It seems like a bit of a long--maybe we can shorten--we can call you T-Tumie.

Tumie, everybody! "Laserrrs!" Okay, this interview is getting out of my control. Must bring it back together! Must control the interview--Tumie!

What is your favorite food? "Penguinss!" No! W-that might be your favorite animal... What is your favorite food? "Penguinss..." I'm hoping, at least, that you're misunderstanding the question here. "They taste of codfish mixed with the heart of an Orack!" And you're not misunderstanding the question, okay...

Ah, what else do you like? "I like Glenn Beck." Okay, and that is officially where the interview ends be--that, that's just too much for me. Okay, now that the demon four year old has cursed me with a thunderstorm, so the lighting changed. But anyway, John, you and I...we were supposed to get punished.

I have not done my makeup tutorial yet, and you likewise significantly unpunished. I think that we both need to make an agreement here: Seven days from now our punishments will be complete. John, now I need to banish you, because you cannot watch this video, and I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that your birthday is coming up really soon.

Just go away. Okay, John is gone now? John is gone now.

Nerdfighters, it's John's birthday coming up! August 24th is the day and I have got a plan to make a video in a way that no one has made a video ever in the history of time, and in that video there will be thousands of nerdfighters, and in order to participate this, indididbihadidibe? And in order to participate in this, you need to go to and sign up for the secret project mailing list.

The secret project mailing list is used for all kinds of secret projects that we as Nerdfighteria do together. Additionally, there's gonna be a link to instructional videos at the end of this video so that you can know how to do the thing that we are doing. But it would be most important that you read the emails that are coming into your inbox after you've subscribed.

Okay everyone, thank you for participating in John's birthday video, there will be lots of instructions as for how to participate, and they will be different ways of participating, and okay, now I am done. Demon four year old: gone! John: gone!

Now, Hank: gone! DFTBA, everyone. "A pig's orgasm lasts for over thirty minutes!" What!? What does that even--how does--how does anyone even know that?

Who is the guy with the electrodes measuring the quivering of the pig genitalia? Mhmmmna... Mhmnmnranmhnmnwaa!