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Guide to Nerdfighting: Thoughts from Places:
In which John does an old-fashioned parts video, discussing his fox hat (a detail from Looking for Alaska), his newly re-cataloged home library, the relationship between zombies and people, a crowdsourced book project called the guide to nerdfighting, the new vlogbrothers video series Thoughts from Places, and the continuing amazingness of the In Your Pants joke. (If you add In Your Pants to the end of book titles, many of those book titles become much funnier.)


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Good Morning Hank, it's Friday.

I am wearing a fox hat, which is funny, if you've read Looking For Alaska. I put something in a book and then someone made it real. My whole life is like a complicated Paper Towns cartographic metaphor is a sentence that has never been spoken before in human history.

Today's video comes to you in five parts. Part One: Are zombies people too? So Hank, the other day I was at Charlieissocoollike's house, not bragging, just stating a fact, and I saw on his famous wall of stuff the sign "Zombies Are People Too." So Hank, one time many years ago when I still lived in New York, I was hanging out with my friends Cassandra Clare and Holly Black and they got into a knock down drag out fight on the topic of whether trolls are people.

And ever since seeing that sign on Charlie's wall I've been thinking, are zombies people? Now Hank, you're welcome to disagree with me, but it seems to me that the central definition of zombieness is not slow shuffling movements or even reanimation or cannibalism. It seems to me that the central difference between zombies and the rest of us is that zombies just walk around doing whatever they have to do to continue walking around.

What I'm suggesting is the terrifying thought is that zombies may be people and in out weaker moments, we may in fact be zombies. But I don't know, Nerdfighters: Are zombies people? Let us continue the conversation in the comments.

Part Two: The Guide to Nerdfighting. So Hank, there are a bunch of made of awesome Nerdfighters who are trying to put together a book that will be a guide to Nerdfighting, with definitions of Nerdfighter language and stories from Nerdfighteria and artwork and all kinds of stuff. I think it's a really cool idea to try to crowdsource a book, Nerdfighters, if you are interested in helping, link in the doobly-doo.

Part Three: Hank, as you may have noticed, my library has been re-cataloged. Ugh, call me a nerd, but I love a cataloged library. By the way, my favorite recent moment in Vlogbrother comment time, someone commented, "That guy looks like a nerd." And then a Nerdfighter responded, "He doesn't just look like a nerd." To the library!

Woah, woah, woah, woah. Okay. That would have been a stupid way to die.

Upstairs is pretty much the same. My foreign editions, first editions of fiction, literary biography, southern studies, art books, some miniature chairs in case we ever have miniature guests, more art books and then history. Then we have fiction written by dead people, travel, kid's books, fiction by living people, young adult, mystery novels, memoir, literary criticism, and of course our old friend black Santa.

But the downstairs, Hank, is brand new. Author copies of Paper Towns, boxing, author copies of Looking for Alaska, desert island books, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, works of lexicography, books about child prodigies, Mark Twain, An Abundance of Katherines, more Mark Twain, and also books about death. More young adult fiction, portrayals of puppy sized elephants and the dread pirate Wilson Roberts, poetry, and Everything You Need to Know About The Goth Scene In Your Pants, religion, and books about conjoined twins.

So, there it is Hank, my re-cataloged home library. I have to thank the Yeti because she did almost all of this, knowing as she did, that all I wanted for my birthday was a re-cataloged home library. Part Four: That thing that we've been doing is actually thing.

So Hank, a lot of Nerdfighters have noticed in that the last few weeks we have been making these voice over videos where we go to a place, whether it's a bison range, or Munich. And Hank, unlike Wheezy Waiter, who cowardly refuses to acknowledge that explosion Wednesday is a thing, these videos that we have been doing are a thing. They're the beginning of a series of visual essays we're calling "Thoughts from Places." You can find out a little bit more about Thoughts from Places on my website; link in the doobly-doo.

I love to point at my pants, Hank. And speaking of pants, Part Five: important developments in the field of your pants. Hank, it is with considerable excitement that today I announce that a Nerdfighter in the United Kingdom has uncovered a children's book called "The Sweaty Yeti" in your pants. (laughter)...

The Sweaty Yeti, oh my goodness,ohhh I love my life, I love Nerdfighteria. Hank, Best Wishes. I'll see you on Monday.