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John Green Interview at Vidcon 2015
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Presley gets to sit down with John Green at Vidcon and talk about favorite moments in history and the future of education on youtube. It was a great conversation of course, and John was amazing as always.

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When Presley of ActOutGames was seven years old, her parents were using many of the amazing educational resources available on YouTube as part of her home school experience. She liked to learn from folks like Hank and John Green, and also enjoyed watching daily vlog creators like CTFxC and the Shaytards or lets play channels like Chuggaaconnory. Her love of YouTube led her parents to start their own channel to show that you can do anything you set your mind to. As with everything else in her life, they jumped in with both feet and started shooting a daily vlog that has now gone on for well over a year without missing a single day. They mix in home school lessons, an occasional how to episode, museum visits, book review and movie review segments, educational toys, cosplay, travel, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Lootcrate, and anything else that happens to be going on in thier life that day. Thier goal is to grow the channel to the point where Presley can have her own signing table at a future VidCon.


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