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In which Hank chats a bit about commenters, butt explosions, politics and looking like other people.


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Good morning, John. It's Friday, March 2nd. You guys are all really mean. I mean, I love you, but you're mean, kinda just like John. Okay, not all of you are mean. Otter and Maureen and couple of you guys were out there defending me. But, the people have spoken, and I await my punishment. One condition: please, nothing to do with earwax. There's been talk of us introducing more politics into Brotherhood 2.0, and this is not something I think we have a choice about. We're both very politically active and interested people, and not talking about politics would be lying. And there's no way we're going to exclude that from our conversation. However, I'm with commenter milowent on this one. It's too early to endorse anyone. Honestly, I mean, we don't even know if the primary field is filled out, yet. What if there's one candidate behind the scene whose name and politics and abilities are already well-known enough that he doesn't have to announce early? (flashes to a picture of Al Gore) Someone who's maybe waiting for the other primary candidates to finish ripping each other to shreds before he announces? (flashes to a picture of Al Gore) Someone who hasn't been able to come up with a firm answer to the question, "Will you run for president?" for the last year and a half. I think we should wait and see. Plus, Dennis Kucinich's wife is (flashes to picture of Kucinich and his wife) hot. Daniel Biss once said that she's the one and only success that the Democratic party had in 2004. (flashes to a picture of their wedding) I could totally dig that as a first lady. Finally, I wanted to share with you a few juicy bits of knowledge. First, commenter Scott says that he would like my punishment to be long and lasting and painful. I think I might hate commenter Scott. But, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have been living with ulcerative colitis. What does that mean? (farts) Well, if you're wondering what it's like, this advertisement, I think, sums it up fairly well. (holds up a newspaper, advertising movie called Hidden Fire: The Great Butte Explosion; covers the "e" in "butte" with his finger; says in a deep voice) Hidden Fire: The Great Butt Explosion.Second, Liz S. says that myriad is one of her favorite words. And I wanted her to know that it comes from the Greek myriados, meaning ten thousand, and that I didn't get you a wedding present, either. So, apparently I look like people. First you say I look like this guy (image of The Proclaimers), then you say I look like this guy (image of male actor), then you say I look like this (image of Michelle Williams)...girl. I mean, Heath Ledger was in that movie. Maybe he asked her to get that haircut. (with eight pictures of John Green taped to his face) Okay, this is extremely strange. I just wanted to say, (singing) I'm being John for a day I'm being John for a day. I live in New York and buy expensive jeans. I'm loved and adored by half dozens of teens. Oh, I'm being John for a day! (dances) And, I'll see you tomorrow. Oh! On Monday! I'll see you on Monday.