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The Fault in Our Stars hits movie theaters in 2014! John Green, Hank Green, Wyck Godfrey and more are on the red carpet at the New York premiere for an interview today with Beyond The Trailer!

The Fault in Our Stars Interview 2014! John Green, Hank Green, Wyck Godfrey and more talk about their new movie The Fault in Our Stars in this interview on the red carpet at the New York premiere with Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph! Plus how IndyCar Driver Ryan Hunter-Reay is also working to help fight cancer! Enjoy this interview with John Green, Hank Green, Wyck Godfrey and more about The Fault in Our Stars before you see the full movie in 2014! Plus make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
Grace Randolph: We are here on the blue carpet for the most hotly anticipated romance of the year: The Fault in Our Stars.

This is all YouTube.

John Green: Awesome.

GR: What do people not get about YouTube? What does established entertainment not understand about YouTube?

JoG: They don't understand that it's where real people really connect to other real people which is the future of media. The future of media is not, like, performers connecting to an audience, it's people connecting directly to people. And YouTube has obviously been very good to me but I really believe that it only works as long as I stay authentic to my relationship with my audience.

GR: So you're the ones who touched John Green's words, ey?

Scott Neustadter: That's exactly right. That's how, that's what we're feeling right now. That attitude.

Michael Weber: We touched John Green a lot.

GR: Oh good. Well what do you think is unique about his voice?

MW: I think he doesn't talk down to his audience. He treats young people like young adults, with respect and dignity and it reminded us of our story telling heroes growing up, the movies of Cameron Crowe and John Hughes. And we fell in love with the book the same way as everyone else.

Wyck Godfrey: How's it going?

GR: I'm really impressed. Everybody knows who you are on this red... blue carpet.

WG: I was saying it's so many years of being in the background of Twilight, all these people, mostly these people were there on Twilight, they're here on Fault in Our Stars so I guess at some point they start to notice the producer.

GR: So you have the golden touch. How did you recognize this? How did you know this would be another Twilight perhaps?

WG: I think I'm a teen girl trapped in a 46 year old man's body. I mean, I have teenagers, boys, and I'm inherently drawn to emotional stories and I think that's what really, you know, connects with teen girls, stories that make them feel deeply and make them ask big questions about life and love. And so whenever I read a great transcendent love story I wanna do it.

GR: I saw you at the X-Men red carpet just earlier this month.

Jim Gianopulos: Right.

GR: How is it...

JiG: What a month, huh?

GR: Right. 

JiG: Nothing happened that often but when it does it's fabulous.

GR: I know. You guys are kicking of the summer so spectacularly.

JiG: Well we're very fortunate, yeah.

GR: How does it feel to have a movie like this, a smaller film, be just as big with the fans?

JiG: Well, you know, it's something really special. This is the ultimate zeitgeist movie, you know. The fans for this movie, I was saying before, we could have filled Yankee Stadium with the request for tickets.

GR: Wow.

JiG: I mean, it's just, you know, it's just been crazy. And it's just been building. The book's so beloved and John is so beloved.

GR: Yes.

JiG: And he's been touring the country with Shai and Ansel and thousands of people have shown up. And it's one of those things, it's inspirational and celebratory. It's just a wonderful feeling when you come out of that theater, you know. You've seen this film that's about some of life toughest adversity and you feel great.

GR: This is a very difficult subject matter, right. And now you've a movie helping and you're doing something to help too.

Ryan Hunter: Absolutely. You know, we're using motorsports, IndyCar racing as a platform to raise funds in the fight against cancer. I unfortunately lost my mother at the very young age of 50 years old and it seemed like an opportunity there to do something different. AutoNation's come on board with my charity Racing For Cancer and we're gonna hit the two million dollar mark this year.

GR: Oh wow.

RH: It's been a very productive year.

GR: Teenagers are infamous for thinking they're immortal. Why would they want to see this movie?

Sam Trammell: That's a good question. Well listen, teenagers want to see this movie because it's such a great love story. It's also really smart, this movie's very philosophical and very existential and, you know, Scott and Michael who wrote the script were very loyal to this book and they did such a good job with it. John Green has just wrote really wise teenage characters. And if anybody feels like an outsider, it's really good for people like that too. I don't know, it's a gorgeous movie, it's really beautiful, profound movie.

GR: What were your goals in adapting it? What needed to be done?

SW: For us, really, like the... Anytime you do a book adaptation you have to make a few changes but we were so protective of that text and it was so important to us to capture everything we possibly could in that novel and retain it and make it cinematic. There's some extra video game playing in the book that no-one wants to see and there's a few things like that that we had to do. But for the most part this is as faithful I think a book adaptation as you're likely to see.

GR: There're no vampires here though. This is not like a high concept movie.

WG: We were looking actually for a movie that was going to be an antidote to the kind of post-apocalyptic stuff or the supernatural stuff. After Twilight had come and Hunger Games had come I really wanted to find a book that was like the books I had growing up like The Outsiders or, you know, Rebel Without a Cause.

GR: Yes.

WG: Things like that. So we had known John Green's writing and when this book came out we read it the night it came out, we went and bought it, and it just blew me away. I was like "We have to make this movie." This is what I'm talking about. It's about real people going though life and death stakes with grace and humor and love and it's everything I wanted to do in a movie.

RH: It's the toughest to see teenagers with it too because they're in a state of transition as it is, going from a child to an adult, and they're fighting a disease at the same time. It's just... We've seen a few cases that we've worked with that way and I couldn't imagine anyone going through that. So this story is touching and I hope the viewers come out, see it. I hope the movie does great because, you know, it's gonna open people's eyes.

GR: If they want to help out with your organization where should they go?

RH: Thank you for asking,

SW: Immortality is a subjective thing. Maybe they're immortal in their, you know, in your love or in your friendships or in your memories.

GR: I like that.

SW: Maybe that's what we're saying.

GR: That's kind of the theme of the film.

MW: We should right that down.

SW: Good question.

GR: Why do you think this subject matter, this very dark subject matter but, you know, hopeful connects with your viewership? What's the correlation?

Hank Green: I just think that people, you know, the world is hard for everyone. I think, you know nobody... You never have a life without hardship. And I think that, you know, people connect, people feel and they know this book has been an opportunity for that and a way to connect with that and just a way to connect with really, you know, amazing characters and, you know, sort of unfamiliar circumstances, hopefully, but circumstances that I think we all can relate to in some way anyway.