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John Green (not the bigfoot hunter) stops by and we talk about The Fault in Our Stars! Also we sip apple juice.

"My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut"

This is a very emotional and wonderful time.


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Hannah: Hello! I'm Hannah Hart and today I'm here with very special friend and real time friend: John Green!

John: Hey! I am a friend of yours.

Hannah: I know.

John: Well, we kind of fake it for the cameras.

[Both sip apple juice]

John: So, I'm such a big fan of your buttoning up, I'm gonna button up.

Hannah: Button up all the way to the top.

John: I don't know, my neck might be too big.

Hannah: No, no. You got a perfectly proportioned neck, and this is the exact amount of space you're supposed to have between your neck and your collars, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks so much for watching, next time we'll talk about cotton balls.

[John laughs]

[Text Says: Green Means Go: a conversation with John Green]

Hannah: John, I think you're best known for your work, uh, in writing the forward to my book.

[Picture of Hannah's book pops up]

John: I did. I- That was my most important work and I- indeed spent 10 years writing The Fault in Our Stars. [Picture of The Fault in Our Stars pops up] I spent 12 years writing the forward of Hannah's book.

Hannah: Which was amazing, so...

John: Thank you.

Hannah: Yeah, really really good work.

John: Six hundred words. The best 600 words in your book, if I may say so myself.

Hannah: Oh, well I'll tell you one thing uh, the publisher very much wanted to make the name 'John Green' bigger than mine on the cover, so...

[John Laughs]

Hannah: I was like, you know, I- I don't know. And they're like, "John Green, like is this the real John Green, though? Is there like an 'e' at the end, or like an 'es'?"

John: There is a John Green who is a Bigfoot hunter. So you could have gotten him to write the forward.

Hannah: Oh! Mistakes made!

John: Yeah, opportunity missed. Have you seen the movie?

Hannah: Yeah.

John: What did you think of the movie?

Hannah: I was destroyed. I was destroyed in most positive, up-lighting way a human can be ripped apart emotionally and re-purposed.

John: Did you really like it?

Hannah: Oh, I loved it! [John: Oh, good]. I genuinely loved it. The film is a masterpiece like the book is, you know, pretty good... [John: Thanks] um, but the movie. No, the movie is really good.

John: It's a great adaptation I thought, like, it's so faithful.

Hannah: It really kept the heart, and I was worried it would become like a cheesy movie.

John: Yeah, kind of sentimental, yeah.

Hannah: I was really worried it would be cheesy, but there are people that are going to walk out of that theater thinking more deeply about their lives then they ever have and being more grateful for their loved ones.

John: Yeah, oh, thank you Hannah.

Hannah: Yeah, cheers, cheers, apple juice, The Fault in Our Stars.

John: Mhmm, delicious apple juice.

Hannah: What's, what's the release date?

John: June 6th!

Hannah: I can't wait to see it on June 6th, opening weekend!

John: Next week we'll be talking about cotton balls.

[Text: Green Means Go: the Hemingway challenge with John Green]

Hannah: So John, are you familiar with author Ernest Hemingway?

John: Yes.

Hannah: Are you familiar with the concept of the "six word story?"

John: Ummmm... "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Hannah: Yes. Correct. That is that you can tell a story in six words and get the full meaning of it.

John: Well, we're gonna do some today, and hopefully -- we have, by the way, real quill pens from Hannah Hart. She doesn't go halfway, ladies and gentlemen.

Hannah: I go all the way!

John: Yeah, no she doesn't. She doesn't, not 'til marriage.

Hannah: Not 'til marriage!

John: Uh, so um...

Hannah: Make sure I can get married in every state, kids.

John: (laughs) Once you can get married in every state you're finally going to move forward.

Hannah: I know, uh...

John: Get past second.

Hannah: Okay, so here's how I want to play the game. We're each going to write five nouns, rip them up, put them in the center of the table and pick.

John: Mhmm

Hannah: Okay, so first, pick your five nouns. And also learn how to use a quill pen.

John: I got to say first, uh, I've never done this before.

Hannah: Oh my God.

John: This is just going to go poorly.

Hannah: Ooh, mine's blue.

John: Mine is black. So how do you actually write with-

Hannah: Well first channel your inner-

John: Oh, I'm actually quite good at this.

Hannah: Wait, do you have a fountain pen at home?

John: Yeah. No, of course I don't.

Hannah: You don't?

John: No!

Hannah: I have a fountain pen.

John: You do?

Hannah: I take writing seriously, John. I don't know been doing all day. 'kay five subjects. Shh. [John: Okay, sorry I won't-] thinking.

[Music plays while they write their 5 nouns]

Hannah: I got one down.

[Hannah holds up her paper with her nouns]

Hannah: Okay, everybody.

John: Okay, this is- these are my five.

[John holds up his paper]

[They tear their paper] 

Hannah: Like arts and crafts, right? Fold them in half.

John: Part of my quill pen is on my fingers.

Hannah: All of my quill pen is all over my hands. Okay, so I'm going to put your pile over here, and you put my pile over there. Here we go. So we are each going to pick our first subject.

John: Yep

Hannah: That's your pile; this is mine.

John: Yep.

Hannah: And then write our six word story.

[Hannah reads her first subject]: Aw. And go.

[Music plays while they write their stories]

Hannah: Six words. That's like no words at all. I got my six word story.

John: I got my six word story too.

Hannah: John, why don't you go first, 'cause you're the guest here today?

John: My subject that Hannah chose is 'My Drunk Kitchen' [Hannah laughs] And my six word story is 'Drunk Hannah: puns, and builds community.'

Hannah: You are an author, my friend. That's beautiful.

John: June 6th, Fault in Our Stars.

Hannah: Yes!

John: Theaters everywhere.

Hannah: John wrote for me, uh, the word was- I crumpled it up so no one could- I shredded the evidence- and his word was 'love' and I wrote 'Love is a open door, Yo.'

[John laughs]

John: That's excellent.

Hannah: Thank you.

John: That's great, I love it.

Hannah: Speaking of love Ansel and Hazel's love story in The Fault in Our Stars, June 6th, theaters everywhere is very powerful. Wouldn't you agree?

[John's laughing]

John: I was- I mean, that was such a subtle plug I don't even know if you were plugging my movie or someone else's.

Hannah: You want to see some subtle plugs? Look at these babies. [Points to her hair]

John: I love it. Oh my God, can you go on the road with me? Because whenever- they always- I get to the very end of the interview, and then like someone will be like, "Hey, you haven't mentioned the movie" and then I'm like, "Oh right, the movie. We have a movie coming out." 

Hannah: It's very good.

John: Yeah, alright.

Hannah: It is very good. I am so happy your movie is good.

John: Me too. I'm relieved.

Hannah: Oh my God. I-

John: Well, when I saw you come out of the, uh, Camp Takota, you filmed yourselves coming out of the Camp Takota screening.

Hannah: We're not embarrassed!

John: Yeah, yeah, that feeling like 'Yes! I am not embarrassed!' is a good feeling.

Hannah: Yeah. Not only that, like, I think it's a movie that's gonna make everybody take everything more seriously.

John: I hope so.

Hannah: I hope so. Okay, Let's keep going! Whoo.

John: Alright.

Hannah: Next.

John: M'kay.

Hannah: 'kay.

[They read their new subjects]

John: Jesus Christ, all of Hannah's nouns are related to Hannah. 

Hannah: Welcome to my life.

John: I don't have any- that's - I, I said everything I have to say about you.

[Hannah trying to figure out to her new noun]

John: Private jets.

Hannah: Oh.

John: Private jets.

Hannah: Okay, ready guys? Go.

[Music plays while they write their new stories]

John: This is your Airplane's private story.

Hannah: "Flying high: Panic attack, so embarrassing.

John: Alright, I have only five- I have only five words. I'm gonna need you to write the last word of my story.

Hannah: Okay, great.

John: "Hannah Hart is my favorite ______."

Hannah: "Hannah Hart is my favorite ______." uhm, you really set yourself up with this one. Ummm... scoundrel.

John: Yep! I like it.

Hannah: Yess!

Both: Apple Juice!

John: My favorite scoundrel.

Hannah: Okay guys, I think we have room for one more.

John: Alright. Let's do one more. Ready? [John reads the next paper] Hannah, this one is also Hannah Hart.

Hannah: That's weird.

John: Okay, I'm gonna look at another one.

Hannah: 'kay, go for it, John.

John: This one is also Hannah Hart.

Hannah: I don't know what to tell you.

John [picks up last piece of paper]: Maybe this one will be different. Nope! It's Hannah Hart again. Great, great.

Hannah: Here you can pick this one that you gave me.

John: Oh! That one was intentionally horrible [Text: Margarine]

Hannah: Yeah, well.

John: Oh.

Hannah: So is life. Here we go guys! Ah, got it.

[Music plays while they write their new stories]

John: Alright here's my poem. My subject was margarine.

Hannah: Ohh.

John: Here's my poem. "It wasn't butter... but it spread." Ayho!

Hannah: It gets better, guys.

John: Oh God.

Hannah: That was good.

John: It does get butter. It does get butter.

Hannah: Okay, here we go guys. My word was dogs. 'Kay. Thank you John for that.

John: You're welcome, you're welcome. Oh thank you for the five Hannah Harts.

Hannah: Here's my story- my six word story.

John: I couldn't- I couldn't handle more than three.

Hannah: I can barely handle one, to be honest. Here's my story, six word story: Dogs.  "Puppies in windows still wag tails."

John: Oh! Beautiful! It's gorgeous! That's, it's Hemingway level! It's- I mean, that is an actually good story.

Hannah: So sad though and also so happy.

John: It's happ- It's sad but hopeful.

Hannah: It's hopeful.

John: just like the Fault in Our Stars movie coming out on June 6th!

Hannah: Oh my God, you're totally right! A sad but hopeful story, put to film - only thing I can think of is The Fault in Our Stars, in theaters everywhere on June 6th.

John: That's such a good story!

Hannah: I think- I mean, it's really making me a little chocked up. You know why? Because no matter your circumstance, you can choose the attitude within it. Some puppies wag their tails, others shit on other puppies. What does Hazel Grace do? Find out June 6th.

[John Laughs]

Hannah: I love you too!

John: Oh, you're the best, oh my God.

Hannah: Subscribe to my channel every Tuesday and Thursday and check out John and the movie The Fault in Our Stars, June 6th in theaters everywhere.

John: Just for the record, subscribe to Hannah's channel everyday but watch her videos every Tuesday and Thursday. DFTBA.

Hannah: That's not what I want, if today's a Tuesday or Thursday subscribe. Friday or Monday...

John: I don't even want your subscription.

Hannah: I'm out!

[They both laugh]