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In which Hank visits an oriental food store, plays guitar hero, and jaunts to Sarasota.


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(Hank in his car) Good morning, John, it's Friday, February 2nd, and this is the first day that I've done a video on an even-numbered day. I also wanted to say hi to Lauren, who made the first Brotherhood 2.0 reply video on Youtube...uh...well done. (Camera Beeps) Change the battery pack? That's not okay! Okay, I have to do this really quick stuff now. And I wanted to say hi to all 300 of those people at the EPA conference. I'm on the way to Sarasota, Florida. The rest of this video will be watching what I did this morning. It's the opposite of the rest of my movie magic videos, where it goes backward in time. You're now going forward in time at the beginning, and now you're going back. So go back, go back, go back, go back! (Cut to Hank in living room with messy hair) Some of my friends were telling me last night that my hair is sometimes a little bit messy on Brotherhood 2.0. So last night, I went to bed with wet hair. I haven't actually touched it yet, so I want to see what it looks like in its preserved state. It's kind of...Skateboard ramp going on, and like a wave, and little tufts, tufts like I'm a baby bird. I think if I touched it, it wouldn't actually even do anything; it's just gonna all stay there. Oop, okay, much worse, much worse than it was. Now I look funny. This is what my hair looks like now that I've touched it. I don't time have to fix it, though! I'm getting ready for my next jaunt. I'm in Orlando now, and I'm about to be in Sarasota, Florida, which is nearby Tampa, St. Petersburg. As an apology to all Orlandans who were upset by my comments that Orlando sucks. Actually, no one seemed upset at all. I'm gonna list a couple of reasons why Orlando doesn't suck. One reason is that my friend Andrew has the game Guitar Hero. (Cut to Hank playing Guitar Hero) Look how awesome I look! I'm playing David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, and I am playing David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. I'm just sliding up and down the neck, look at me! Look at me, having a good time… Yeah! (Cut back to Hank in living room) It occurs to me that playing Guitar Hero may be another one of those things that feels cooler than it looks. Another awesome thing about Orlando is Little Vietnam. In Missoula, Montana, we don't really have a lot of ethnic diversity, and it's really nice to have a part of town here, that's a little bit different from everywhere else. (Hank holds up a mooncake) The language is a little bit different, and it's written on a sticky bun. (Cut to various shots of Little Vietnam) The religious icons are a little bit different, (sings) the fish are a little bit different, the smells are a little bit different, the eggs are a little bit different and the lunch meat is strange. But generally when I go out into one of these stores, I just end up buying candy. (Cut back to Hank in his car) And now I'm gonna say my sign off: I'll see you tomorrow, No! I'll see you on Monday.