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In which John miraculously uploads a video in the Savannah airport in spite of not having a power cord. Sorry it sucks.


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People: Good morning Hank!

John: This is the Savannah river. I like the bridge. I'm a sucker for bridges.

A year ago I was in this park with the Yeti. (Camera now on John) Now I'm alone and I miss her and I'm sad. Is that what divorce would be like? Would divorce be like being in Savannah, Georgia all the time for the rest of my life with no Yeti?

I'm in the airport of Savannah, Georgia I have to record this all in one take, and I'll tell you why I have to record it all in one take; it's because I left my power charger for my computer at home, so I only have 23 minutes of power left, and it's looking increasingly like I'm not going to get back to New York by midnight.

Hank, I'm in a good news/bad news situation. The bad news, I arrived at the airport four hours early but I won't be able to leave until my regular flight leaves because there's no earlier flights. The good news? (Pans to sign of arcade) (A sign that says Aero Fighters) This game seems to be called Nerd Fighters. That's my favorite kind of fighters!

Hank, do I want to be from America, or Japan, or Sweden? Answer, Sweden! I would like to be this viking nerd-killer. Now I shall kill nerds! I'm scared, I'm scared, I gotta turn off the camera. I gotta go. I gotta go, bye.

I don't like to travel. Okay, we're going to walk through the airport and see if we can find anything funny. The word Choate is funny.

Because this airport services Hilton Head, South Carolina, there are a lot of golfers here. They're not wearing golf shoes, but you can tell that they're golfers, you wanna see? Wait. Golfer, golfer, golfer, golfer, golfers, baby! Golfer, golfer. (Focuses on his beer) This makes things easier. A word of parting, my chin is prepared.