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In which Hank is confused about how to become a lady.

Sorry I accidentally uploaded this to the wrong channel earlier, if any of you are wondering.
Last time on "Hank Green Plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4" I was doing a thing. And now I am doing it more! And I managed to open that door. which, I don't understand what's going on, to be honest. But I had to do something with Fred and George, over there. 

But yes, I'm trying..I was trying to open that door, and there's this pot here. And like..when Harry has his thing..some sort of lobster in his hand, and I wan..a thing...the thing lights up, but I can't and it's frustrating.

So, uh, anyways, Harry put your lobster down! We're gonna follow Dumbledore. We're gonna do this thing, and that's just what it's gonna be. That's gonna be how it's gonna be. And that's..I got a green pot in the corner. Green pot.

Yes! Dinnertime! Apparently it's pumpkin time already. Oh, angry. I'm gonna throw a....ooooooh she looks like an Ewok. Grumps grumps grumps grumps grumps that's not what happened. Professor Quirrell, there's a troll, there's a troll in the dungeon! Just want you to know. Oh, I get it, I get it, I know. Yeah there's a troll.

Everybody, everybody, oh god! No panic! Thought you should know! Ooh! Ah! Oooh! Ah! Ooh ooh ah! Ooh ah! Ooh ooh ah ah. Okay, go get it! Go get the....Hermione...out of the dungeon? There's not in the dungeon, what are you talking ab...oohhh it's big and blue. It's bluer than I remembered. Huahhhhh

I'm conf..okay well thank you for that, I guess I need a Ron. I need a Ron and a Scabbers. I know what to do! You don't need to tell me to push Z to release Scabbers! He's gotta turn off the gas. That's important because of how much gas there is. Because of the..the troll farts! Or the gas..I don't know, I...yess! Good job Scabbers my boy! Even if you are a dangerous man who killed my parents and a lot of muggles and are going to return to your service of the Dark Lord in just a few short years. I'm pleased that you're helping us now, anyway.

Aw, jerkface! Why does everything have to be so hard? Can I move this thing around? Doesn't seem like it. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with any of this. I'm in a fountain. I'm in a fountain, an indoor fountain. You don't see a lot of indoor fountains, you know? That's an interesting fact about the world that I just noticed.

I don't know what's going on! What's going on? Nope...yes...these drumsticks? Make the drumsticks dance. Not doing anything at all. Oh, okay, good! Wingardium Leviosa this! Do it! Why aren't you doing it? Why aren't..why is there a little blue circle in the corner, spinning around? 

I'm conf...this is frustrating. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Nope. Drumsticks. What is going on? Okay apparently Harry couldn't do it because Harry isn't good enough at this game. Harry, you're bad at magic. That is not what I wanted to do but I think it'll work. 

Yes? Yess. Ohh there was no thing there to stand upon! Good job, good job Ron. Huh! Nope. Yes. What am I doing? Oh, I burned him! I burned him on the bum! Burned his bummer. 

Oh, yes, build something! Something complicated and awesome! It's a...don't have any idea what that is. But, I'm gonna use it. It's a trident! Perfect! That's exactly what I thought would happen. That's why I did that. That's the whole reason I did any of that stuff.

He keeps dropping drumsticks. I love that. How many drumsticks does he have? And why doesn't he eat them? Hello? Are there any ladies in the ladies room?

Uh..what..what am I doing? Yes. Wingardium..what...for some reason it's like "No, Harry has to do it." Nope. Yep, Harry has to do that one. I don't understand. That's frustrating, but at least it's working. Uh. what..what did I just create? A lamp for that nice wizard man!

Thank you for the bolts. Shoot him! Shoot him, shoot him in the nuts of his jello like...jello? Shoot him in his jello nuts.

Take this sword! Ron take the other sword! Yes, good, and we will have a sword fight. Excellent, that is good for a million bolts. But how do I get? How do I get that one up there? Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Which one is Z? 

Hey look at me! Look at me! No, I am..I don't care you let the fricken troll in, he wasn't a lady! Was he? I don't know, maybe he was. I don't know what the lady trolls look like. 

Uh, hello? Someone to turn me into a lady. Will you turn me into a lady? Nope, nope. Uh, how do you turn into a lady? What in the world makes..ooh hello, secret!

What makes you a lady? Something that makes you a lady. That made him do a dance. This one is still..bum is still hot. There's nothing around to turn me into a lady. As far as I can tell. That's somewhat frustrating. Somewhat frustrating.

Okay, so you..hello? You gonna make me a lady? Z! No, no that's not it. Hello? Hello? Hello? You. Nope. Okay, I'm not a lady. 

Yes, Wingardium Leviosa. Uhhh this thing up here is glowing purple occasionally. That doesn't seem to matter. These things are still here. I can do this again, but that does not seem to turn me into a lady, no matter what I try.

I have to sneeze..(sneezes). Okay this annoying, how do you turn into a lady? Anybody can help me. Hello? No, I'm not a lady. Okay I get it. I get what you're trying to say. I am taking what you are giving. I am receiving the signal that you are sending. Yet, I have no idea how to become a lady. Which is unsurprising considering my whole history of being a man my whole life.

So I'm gonna move these drumsticks. No. Nothing to do with the drumsticks. Nope. What do you think of that thing, Ron? What about that? No, nothing, nothing?

Whooa I almost jumped off into the cliffy. Cliffy death. Only a character with a book can understand these symbols. But I can understand the blue bolts I just found. No way to get out of here. I don't understand how I can become a lady. 

Nope. What does this do? 1 of 7. Do I have to get all 7 of those and then I will become a lady due to the magic of magic?

Well I will try that, and then you will find out if it worked, next time on "Hank Green Plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." Goodbye