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In which Hank keeps his armies in his sleevies.

Sorry it cuts off a bit abruptly - editing fail!
Hello! Last time on "Hank Green Plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood: 2.0" I... uh... did some stuff. I got a climbing glo... I don't even remember what happened. But now, we are going to take on the French. We are dressed up like Frenchies, and we are going to get this guy and save his wife and... this is all a plot by Cesare so it's not even the French's fault. But we're gonna do it. We're gonna do it now, and we're gonna do it awesome. And it's gonna be flawless. 

(0:29) Oh, look at me, I'm in my French armor! So sweet! Look at my... I got a freaking army! This is the first time I've ever had an army. Where do I keep them? Where do I keep my armies? I keep them... in my sleevies. Does anybody get that joke? Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

You guys are slow, by the way! You slowbies! Slowby-doby. 

(0:59) Fight off men. You guys have big sticks. Aww, you threw stuff at me. That's just not nice. Alright. Ohhh, in the face! You kidding me? Alright. I'm gonna take this from you, and cut you open with it. 

(1:38) (Bartolomeo: We cannot deviate or the Duc's men will know something is wrong.) We're not deviating. Who said we were deviating? 

Yeah, I just knocked (?~1:51). Oh wow. Are we gonna walk right through this? 'Cause that seems dangerous to me. Uhhhhhhhhh. Okay, I'm just gonna be in the middle here, don't notice me.

(2:15) Borgia people. No, why did I select my own guy? No, I'm not selecting my own guy. I have to kill them, I have to kill these people. Okay. 

(2:54) What?! What's going on? What's going on?! N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-neh! What happened?! I did the thing that they told me to do, what happened?! Did I get noticed by Italian troops? Because that (?~3:08). If that...

(3:17) (Bartolomeo: I believe in fair fighting, may the best man win.) No, fair fighting is a horrible idea. So, like immediately it became a restricted area, after I killed those people, and suddenly the Borgia were all after me. So I need to, like, totally blend. I'm just one of these french people. Targets killed: zero of three. 

(3:54) Nope, I... (Ezio: I will take care of it.) *imitating Ezio* I will take care of it. *normally* Alright, need to get this guy. Don't notice me. Awwww, what... what happened? Ugh, god, I don't understand. I don't understand how... why am I fighting against the Italians and the French at the same time? That is just a pain in the butt. 

(4:20) Okay. More crossbow. Clearly, more crossbow. *clears throat* Oh, I have to do this walking all over again? (Bartolomeo: There will come a day in which men no longer cheat each other.) Nooo, well fair fighting is not how it works. It's just not how it works. 

(4:58) *singing* doo dee doot. Doo dee doo dee doot. 

Two of three? There's another one? Oh, is it the guy... Oh, it's him. Is he just gonna die, sometime soon? *laughs* I shouldn't have poisoned him, I should've just killed him. Ow! *laughs* Ow! *laughs* 

(5:43) Noooo! *laughing* Oh my god, I can't believe that. *normally* Oh jeez. That was poorly done. Okay. It was a good, good plan, until that last part. Oh my god. Well maybe it was a good plan; I don't know. Maybe keeping that guy alive for a while is a good idea. (Bartolomeo: May the best man win.) May the best man win, yes, I know. You believe in fair fighting. 

(6:35) Alright, y'all. I'm totally blending. What? Nothing happened? I don't know what that means, before they... That doesn't make any sense that that would've happened. He was just kneeling to look at his fallen comrade, he wasn't raising an alarm! Just 'cause he noticed something means nothing! He doesn't have a frickin' walkie-talkie! Or a panic button! 

(7:12) (Bartolomeo: I believe in fair fighting, may the best man win.) That is annoying. This is how it works. Okay. This is how it works. 

(7:49) Alright. Well done, everybody. Good job, guys. That was... (Ezio: I will take care of them.) Take care of who? They're already taken care of. 

What the frick? What's going on? Nothing happened! I was blended, I don't get it. Maybe I should've taken care of this Borgia tower before. Aw, man. It feels like something is wrong here. 

(8:24) Okay. Are we at least past that mission? Am I not blended? I feel blended, I look blended. 

(8:47) Aw, I just knocked myself over. Okay, well at least I'm exiting the restricted area. Okay, why aren't you stopping the other people? There's a million of us. We all look wealthy in our French armor. I will totally punch you, lady.

Okay, what weapon should I use here. Oh! What the frick. Why was that guy standing there? That was not my fault. He was just asking for it.

(9:30) Okay. I recognize that this has not been a particularly entertaining episode of "Hank Green Plays Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" because of the amazing-ness of this mission.