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Jessi and Cheeks demonstrate the proper way to hold a rabbit so no one gets hurt.

Rabbits! What, Where, and How video:

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(0:03) Hi guys, I'm Jessi and we're back at Animal Wonders. A few weeks ago, we did a what, where, how on rabbits, and I didn't talk about how to handle them. I think that's a really important thing to know when you have a rabbit as a companion, so I'd like to share that with you now. 


(0:15) So you're going to create kind of like a seat for them, you're not going to hold their feet at all. What you want to do is support their hips. (0:27)What this position does is it gives them support, it supports their back end, without allowing them to have anything to push off of with their back legs.

(0:35) So if they do get spooked or they just want to be put down, when they kick, they're kicking against air. And they're not able to get any sort of force to throw their vertebrae out. Instead you can just open your hands out and they can kick like this. (0:51) And their back is going to stay supported.

(0:54) So, if you don't want to just hold your rabbit out like this all the time, you want to snuggle them a little bit right? So what you're going to do is instead of using your hand to support their hips, you're going to use your arm. You're going to swing them down, and see how his legs are freely moving like that? (1:08) But I have his hips supported with my arm, like that.

(1:11) Now you can also - if you have a longer rabbit - what you can to is instead of supporting their chest with your hands, you support their chest right here. So you're going to let them be there, resting. (1:25) And then, you put your hand right on their hips down here again. Feet are dangling, so they don't push off of anything with their feet. And then this hand can go right over the top like that. 

 What Not To Do

(1:34) Some things that you really don't want to do is never drop your hand from their back end there.  Never hold them from one hand or dangling at all. You should always support this back end and don't turn them towards you and hug them. Have their feet against your body and hug them, their going to scratch you up and again you're not going to be able to support that back end like you need to. (1:55) Look how easy this is! I know he's small, but you can do it with a larger rabbit too.


(1:58) Alright guys, that was my tips on how to hold a rabbit properly, if you guys have any more questions, hit me up on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. Links are below.