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We can't do what we do without you! Jessi explains how you can continue (or start!) helping Animal Wonders make videos and care for animals. Thank you!!!

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Hey all you Animal Wonders watchers, learners, contributors, fans, supporters, and donors, we have some big news. We're headed over to Patreon. Patreon is a fundraising service that allows people to support content that they love. And it allows us, the creators of Animal Wonders, to continue making that content. For you!

So what does that mean? It means that if you watch these videos free every week they will continue to be free every week, nothing will change. If you watch our videos from say, England, like our friend Emily, or pretty much anywhere outside the United States and you've been wanting to contribute, or receive rewards for helping us make this content, now you can. If you've already been contributing on Subbable thank you. But here is where things are going to be changing the most.

To be clear, Subbable is going away. We're moving everything completely over to Patreon, starting now. If you do already have contributions built up in your perk bank, don't worry, you can still use those up until August 1st, they're available to use up all that stuff in your perk bank. So head on over and get your Kemosabe quills now. 

So Patreon is set up a little differently then Subbable. Instead of getting perks one time, you are going to get reward levels, and you get something each month. So we're pretty excited about that, and I think you will be too. Head on over to our Patreon page, and check it out and see what you like. 

Okay, so we saved the biggest news for now. Patreon is going to match all new pledges, which means Animal Wonders gets twice as much! We get twice as much for building new enclosures. Twice as much food for Yucca, twice as much vet care, twice as much to improve the animals lives. But hurry, because they're only matching until April 30th.

What are you going to to with yours Yucca? Buy a tortoise yacht? It's going to be like, this big. Don't be selfish Yucca. You need to share with your friends. 

Speaking of friends, I feel like you guys are already our friends because you guys have made such a big impact on Animal Wonders already, I'd like to tell you exactly what you guys have done for us. Animal Wonders is a nonprofit organization overseen by a board of directors. For the last six-and-a-half years Augusto and I have volunteered 100% of our time. But because of your consistent support, the board has finally been able to hire an employee. Me.

Up until now we have been having to split our time between Animal Wonders and outside jobs, but now we can devote twice as much time to the animals. So your donation is going directly to the animals. Food, safety, vet bills, and care.

I'm incredibly touched and inspired by the support you have already shown Animal Wonders, and me personally, I know I have learned a lot of information I might not have pursued if one of you hadn't asked me. And I'm driven every single day to improve upon what I've learned, so that I can incorporate the newest information  and the best care practices for the animals, and then I can share that with you. 

As you can see, your support has already made a huge impact on all of us at Animal Wonders. And I'm really excited about the switch over to Patreon, because I think it is going to allow me to become more involved with our community, and give back even more to you. 

So here's the link again to our Patreon page, you can also find it below. Huge, huge thank you, you guys are super duper awesome! And if you guys are new to Animal Wonders you can go on an adventure with us every week by subscribing to our Animal Wonders channel. You can also find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Thank you guys.

[Outro note]

Hey guys, I'm Jessi, we're back at Animal Wonders. I have a behind the scenes video for you. But before we show that I want to kind of set you up.

[Whistle, laugh]