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John Green and friends go out for a lap on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Sarah Fisher behind the wheel.
John: I'm a huge IndyCar fan. I've been an IndyCar fan for a long time, I'm part of an IndyCar fantasy league and so some of my friends and I had this opportunity and it's the chance of a lifetime for me.

Sarah: To have the opportunity to share this experience with people who love the sport, who just want to get a little bit closer to it, for me that's very rewarding.

Simon: Five Gs is five times the weight of your body thrown to the right side of the car so you might want to hold your breath, but try to relax, let it go.

John: I got to drive around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Sarah Fisher driving at 180 miles an hour and it was incredible.

I screamed the entire time.

Ah! Ah!

Man: How was it?

John: Wow!

Man: D'you like it?

John: That was the coolest thing I've ever done in my whole life by far.

Man: What about having children?

John: Cooler than kids.

I felt the g-forces and I felt like, you know, my helmet was... It was really intense and every time we went into a turn I thought we were surely going to crash. I thought that there was no way the back of the car wasn't gonna slide out. It's just an amazing feat of engineering that I survived that ride.