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Join Aankia (Hank Green), Kiliel (Alison Haislip), Lemley (Laura Bailey), and S’Lethkk (Yuri Lowenthal) in the third installment of Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana.

The Beer Baron and Keg-E bid farewell to the party after considerable celebration and revelry. In an attempt to learn more about their mysterious orb, the group heads to Nestora in search of Farkiah the Antiquarian. Excited for an opportunity to bargain, barter, and more importantly, shop, the heroes quickly head to the market district, but they soon find that it holds more than goods. What does the city-state have in store for our heroes? Tune in to find out.

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Game Master: Wil Wheaton

Aankia: Hank Green

Lemley: Laura Bailey

S’lethkk: Yuri Lowenthal

Kiliel: Alison Haislip


Executive Producers: Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day

Director/Producer: Adam Lawson

Head Of Production: Ryan Copple

Storyline Writers: Wil Wheaton, Ryan Wheaton

Chapter Writer: Will Hindmarch

Editor: Steve Grubel

Animator: Andrew Jewell

Illustration Art Directors: Adam Lawson, Stéphane Richards

Cartographer: Andrew Law

Opening Intro Voice Over By: Troy Baker

Opening Intro Illustrations By: Scribble Pad Studios, James Paick, Joy Lee, Shawn Kim, Stéphane Richards, KJ Kallio, Alejandro Magnozz, Michael Pedro, Soren Zaragoza, Laura Sava, Gunship Revolution, Evan Lee, Serg Souleiman

Hero Character Illustrations: Rayden Chen, Roman Kupriyanov, Raquel Cornejo, Nick Gan, Hugh Pindur, Hendry Iwanaga, Jan Wessbecher

Chapter Three Illustrations By: Rayden Chen, Hendry Iwanaga, Scribble Pad Studios, James Paick, Joy Lee, Shawn Kim, Park Jong Wong

The Love Theme From TitansGrave (Valkana, O’ Valkana) By: Louie Schultz and Adam Lasus

Library Music Provided By: 5 Alarm Music, iLicensemusic

RPG Music/Sound Design Loops By: Wes Otis &

Associate Producers: Chris Pramas, Nicole Lindroos

Game Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing

Cinematographer: Dallas Sterling

Camera Operators: Yvonne Chue, Tony Oberstar, Zach Voytas, Pat Flatery

Media Manager: Chris Willett

Stills: Erica Praise

Sound Mixer: Bobby Fisk

Sound Utility: Joanne Wu

Chief Lighting Technician: Team Bashett

Lighting Techs: Jerry White, Zak Hindle, Shane Reilly, David Connan, Matthew Brown

Production Designer: Geoff Flint

Art Director: Drew Wootten

Asst. Art Director: Vanesa Wilkey Escobar

Construction Coordinator: Freddy Palaez

Carpenter/Set Dresser: Cody Recker

Carpenters: Emiliano Rios, Jakob Bokulich, Mudavahnu “Moody” Mushonga

Set Dresser: Virginia Claire Boutwell

Swing: Todd Super

Shopper: Melissa Low

Scenic: Jennifer Preston, Ed Kotero

Wardrobe Stylist: Kristin Ingram

Costumer: Kristin Pielech

Make Up: Christina Waltz

Hair: Georgette Sweet

Additional Hair/Make Up: Lexx Staats

Production Manager: Ashley Krick

Production Assistants: Jason Adams, Melissa DeVarney, Kevin Szemis, Matthew Middleton

Craft Service: Nick Schreiber

Post Production Supervisor: James Deuling

Assistant Editing: Nicole Tang

Post Production Sound Mixer: Brant Showers

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Yuri (VO): Previously on TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana. Our party escorted the Beer Baron back to Nestora... for a modest fee.

Hank: Fine, fine!

Y: We'll do it!

Alison: Five gold and a party.

Y: After a brief run-in with Lemley's old nemesis, a toll was paid... with an unknown refund.

A: I'll just steal our toll.

Wil: Inside that lock box is a piece of tape and a dead bird.

Y: At the Baron's own Brewcore, a modest fee was indeed paid. Our heroes indulged in some of the rare Grandma's Sweat Stout, and drunkenly pranked the baron's steward.

A: (whispered) I tape the bird to her butt! And then we call her Bird Butt!

Y: The time for laughter ends, however, when the party is forced to save the brewery from a siege of creatures not seen since the chaos wars.

W: S’Lethkk steps in a bucket.

Y: Victory assured...

W: The thing is, you guys kicked its ass!

A: Yeah we did.

Y: ...the celebration began anew.

Narrator: Eons before Valkana heard her own name, she bore witness to beings not of this realm. These ancients planted the seeds of life on Valkana, and as that life grew and civilizations formed, their thirst for supremacy blossomed into war. Gifted with an unmatched intellect, the Saurian empire built mighty war machines, and claimed dominion on Valkana until the heavens themselves fell upon them.

Valkana was plunged into darkness and a thousand years of war. In this crucible, great heroes were forged, and together they extinguished the flames of battle. A new civilization was built on the ruins of the old, a peaceful world of magic and science, but the forces of chaos are patient and not easily contained.

Left to fester, ancient evils threaten to emerge and unleash mayhem upon the world. And so, to face them, new heroes must arise from the Ashes of Valkana.

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W: So after your party, the following morning, the Beer Baron gives you all double doses of his miracle hangover cure-all. Also in game terms, you all leveled up! You're all up at Level 3. Why don't you just let us know what you added to your character.

H: I'm slightly more Intelligent. I now have a Blaster Pistol focus, which allows me to shoot more accurately, and I have Quick Reflexes, which basically gives me an extra minor action 'cause I don't have to ready my blaster.

W: Terrific, great.

A: I now have a focus in Grenades, which means my potions when I throw them will be a lot more accurate. I've got a bit more constitution so my health is up a little. Also, my attack roll is higher on my potions, and I am now a Journeyman with alchemy meaning I can make new kinds of potions... like a freeze bomb, which is pretty great.

W: Cool. S'Lethkk are you able to do anything now?

Y: Nope. Level 3 apparently doesn't mean much when you're S'Lethkk. No I chose to add--

W: Did you gain some sort of bucket focus?

Y: I actually chose to up my dexterity by a point, which hopefully will help me avoid buckets in the future. I picked up a focus of Weather Arcana, which will help, it adds 2 to me casting lightning spells, and I became Journeyman level in Weather, so I get--

W: Oh, great so you get better at that.

Y: Yeah, I get instead of just the shock blast, I have actually a spell called Lightning Bolt.

A: Lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt!

W: What do you have going on over there Laura Bailey?

Laura: Well I increased my Communication, so that I could lie better.

W: Right, also very much in line with your character. I love that.

L: And then I got a Fighting focus for Heavy Blade, so I can do more damage with the Doctor, and I also went to Journeyman level with my Single Weapon Style of fighting, so yeah.

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