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Other stuff that didn't make the Vlogbrothers version of this conversation I had with charlie.
Charlie: Okay. It's on. Errah.. alright. Ahh...

Hank: I'm touching it!

C: Hank and Michael and Katherine do a workout every day. That I can't do. 

H: (Laughs)

C: I did.. about one fifth of what you did and almost threw up. Soo...

H: Yeah he just sat there on a box for the rest of the day.

H: How are you doing?

C: ... I'm doing good. I'm alright. I'm just fine. 

H: Feeling.. How was. How. How are you doing after your week of of mid-life crisis. 

C: I'm good. It feels weird that I'm not making a video today. It just becomes really easy and automatic just to be making things all the time.

H: Mhmm

C: Just to wake up and be like. What is it I'm going to...

H: I have something to do

C: Yeah. Exactly. 

H: When and what was the first thing you uploaded to YouTube. 

C: The first video I ever uploaded was a really bad trailer that I made in Windows movie maker with just titles to a copyrighted song and it was a trailer for a short film I was making called "The Legend of Zelda: The Kazoo of Time". And it was not good. At all. It is still on YouTube in some form. 

H: Somewhere.

C: I took it down and then I put it in a different video. 

H: Okay

C: So there's a video I made when I reached 10,000 subscribers. So it's in that video. but yeah that's the first thing I did. And...

H: Have you even taken anything else down off of YouTube?

C: Umm my first vlog ever is not on YouTube anymore. Uhh It's like 6 minutes long...

H: It's too embarrassing?

C: Really like bad jump cuts. I just talk about nothing. I I really don't enjoy that video at all. 

H: My first video is still on YouTube

C: Mhmm. I think that's probably the right way to do it. Just uh give people you know, the whole like span of like you improving as a uh as a vlogger

H: Yeah

C: Um I just took mine down cause uh I just didn't like it. 

H: I think John and I started out pretty like not that bad actually

C: Mhmm

H: We'd We'd studied up a lot. 

C: Uh-huh

H: On... Ze Frank mostly. 

C: Yeah I just sort of started. That was it really. I was just like "I have a camera" and sort of know. I've seen some vlogs but that's, that's it. I'll just begin and.. you know. Beginning was my practice. I guess. 

H: In your daily life what makes you feel like you've accomplished something. 

C: It's pretty much just, you know, when I have uploaded a video to YouTube. I like that feeling a lot, of just having, you know, written something, filmed it, edited it, gotten it to the place that I'm happy with and then just putting it out. And once it's out it's like, "Yes! It was a good, productive day."
I don't want to... put anything on my body that has to stay there forever because I want to be a person that adapts and changes through my life.

H: That is true. 

C: And I don't think I even have anything that's, like, significant enough that I wanna be like,

H: Mhmm.

C: "This is a mark for me -"

H: Never gonna leave that behind.

C: That's just gonna, yeah.. no.

H: Not the Radio Lab nonchalant cow?

C: No...

H: Just on your chest so you won't have to wear the shirt anymore?

H&C: (Laugh)

C: No, I just... I have the T-Shirt so I can-

H: Exactly, why do you need a tattoo when you have T-Shirts?

C: I can just have the T-Shirt and then just be like, you know, today is Radio Lab day.

H: And then tomorrow is not.

C: Exactly.

H: Unlike every day being tribal-lower-back-tattoo-day.

C: Mhmm.

H: Yeah... I've known you for a while, hung out with you in the real world... never heard you say a swear word... is that something that you do?

C: I do swear. I mean, I'm pretty sure I've sworn while I've been here as well.

H: Really?

C: Yeah... I'm pretty sure I said the f-word a couple of times when we were playing Smash Brothers.

H: Ahh, but during Smash Brothers, swear words are like water when you're a fish.

C: Aha.

H: Like, you don't notice it.

C: I don't swear that often in real life anyway.

H: Yeah.

C: Uhmm... I swear when I'm playing video games, but that's pretty much it. Uhmm, I've just been the kind of person who's always like, you know, if if, I just like the idea that anybody can watch the content that I make.

H: Right.

C: And I don't wanna, just like, you know... It's just not a thing I've ever done.

H: Right, but being a person, walking around, is not the content that you make.

C: My natural state is not to swear that often. I find that what that does is that is makes it so that when I do swear, it gives those words more of, like, impact.

H: Yes. You're like, "whaa Charlie just whoaaa!"

C: Exactly. I mean, do you think it's a bad thing that I don't do it?

H: No, no, no!

C: Or are you just, like, yeah...

H: I grew up in a, in a, culture where the f-word was basically "uhm".

C: Uhuh.

H: Where you'll be talking and you're like, "like, fucking, you know, when there's a girl, fucking, and she's with this guy and, you know, uhm, fucking-"

C: That just sounds like a really stupid person talking.

H: (Laughs).

C: So I don't want people too...

H: Well that's what we were in High School. We were really stupid people talking.

C: Oh, yeah...

H: You were in High School when you started making YouTube videos.

C: Uhuh.

H: You were a very smart person talking. Why where you so smart? And I was so stupid?

C: I don't, I dunno...

H: Airplane farts are the worst.

C: Mhmm.

H: Somebody farts on an airplane and you're smelling it for, like, 15 minutes.

C: I like video games.

H: (Laughs). Do you know if you have some, uh, capture software, or a capture card, you could make a video while you were playing video games.

C: I, yeah, I've heard that people do that. That sounds like a waste of most people's times -

H: (Laughs)

C: to have them sit and watch someone else play video games. I would feel pretty guilty if I was the person who was doing that.

H: Wow.

C: (Laughs)

H: Wow.

H&C: (Laugh)

H: That's lovely, Charlie. You have just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike. Which makes you, like, cool. Why don't you have me do that voice over?

C: (Laughs)

H: I'm just as cool as Stephen Fry.

C: Yeahieyeah... 

H&C: (Laugh)