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Hi there, friends. It's Hank coming to you on your lovely Hankschannel. I want to vlog more and it's April, and April is the month for vlogging more. In fact, I think I'm going to do two Vlogbrothers videos this week and I wanted to come to you here on Hankschannel with very few cuts as usual in these videos, to talk about something that I'm excited about. 

A Kickstarter project for my friend Dan Dobi, who you may know of from...he's collaborated with Wheezy Waiter some, and he does...oh, God, I forgot the thing. Duncan Rocks. You may have seen Duncan Rocks, it's hilarious. Katherine is a huge fan.

Dan is an amazing film-maker. He has worked in Hollywood, like big stuff. But he's also really into the Youtube community and what's sort of going on here and it's sort of a passion thing for him. And I've wondered for a while for there to be a thing that's film that documents and talks about and gets YouTubers, creators, to talk about as Youtube creators. And Dan wants to do this, and he wants to do this very fast. 

I want it to exist. Like, I want it to exist really bad which is why I donated $500 to his Kickstarter. But, he needs more starting to kick. So I wanted to ask if you would be interested in starting to kick this project. He has told me that if, uh, he is able to raise the money then he will come out to Missoula and he will film me and Michael Aranda as we make a Vlogbrothers video and go through that process so you can see what it's like behind the scenes. 

He'll get into every intimate detail of my life. You'll see what my poops look like! You won't see what my poops look like. But you will see, uh, into the Vlogbrothers process. He also wants to go to Indianapolis and film John, so that would be very exciting. 

And I just love the idea that we'll be a part of this and that it'll be a historical piece of what is a very interesting time in entertainment. This is all so new and to not have these things yet done, I think, would be kind of a tragedy.

Find it in your heart, go to the Kickstarter. There's a link in the description. And give, give, if you feel like giving. Um, can be one of the people who made it happen! And people in the future will be like thank goodness for that person. 

That's all. Actually, that's not all. There are other Kickstarters that you can check out right now. I keep grabbing over here because my feet aren't down, so I keep spinning in my spinny chair. Cause I like to cross my legs. I'm a leg crosser.

There's another Kickstarter that I'll put in the description that's for a tour with some of my friends including Toddly00 and Thatzak and Ravenzoe. I would like them to be able to go on tour and to see all of the people who like them.

Anyway, that is all. That's a video. DFTBA, and I'll see you soon. Cause I like to vlog. SciShow and Crash Course are fantastic and they're really like, I think, really effective and good. But they're not vlogs, and I miss it sometimes. 

Also, Lizzie Bennet Diaries! I am going to talk about that on my Vlogbrothers video on Thursday. Thursday Vlogbrothers video. That's right! Exciting stuff. Shut up, Hank. Turn the camera off. Why are you doing...? Shut, no, stop, talk, stop!