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In which John talks about S'Moore. The team plays the Bristol Rovers.

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Hello and welcome to Hankgames without Hank. My name is John Green, I am the manager of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys who today find themselves in the F.A. Cup. The F.A. Cup, our competition, at least historically. Today we're taking on Bristol Rovers. Uh, we're again starting our B team because we've had good luck with them and also because I'm trying to give everybody a bit of a rest going into the Thanksgiving holiday. Now some of you are going to say "But Thanksgiving is not an English holiday, only an American one". That's right but I'm an American manager and I'm giving the boys Thanksgiving off. So that's that. I've decided, you can't stop me.

Today I'm going to talk a little bit to you about S. Moore, arguably the break-out star of the 2013 AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys. We knew that Bald John Green was going to be great, we knew that Other John Green was going to be great. The biggest surprise for me has been, not just the goals, but also the assists that are produced by S'Moore. Um, it's just been great to see and he, you know, he's, I think, has enjoyed his celebrity. So I've found out, I did an interview with S'Moore basically where I found out some things about him.

Now you may remember from the last AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys video that S'Moore doesn't talk much. He is not selectively mute or anything like that. He answers pretty much every question you ask him with one word or, in the case of like, I didn't even notice this when we were training because he's so... Like on the training ground he just does what you say. So if it's like, you know, I'm a really expert manager so I'll say things like "Don't let him do that" and then S'Moore just will stop letting him do that instead of saying, like "OK boss" or something like that. Usually they call me boss which I appreciate, you know. It's nice, it's a sign of respect.

So anyway, S'Moore doesn't really talk on the training pitch and it didn't really strike me as odd because... Oh! Get it Seb Brown! Mmm. Seb Brown. Remember when he saved two penalties against Luton Town and sent us into the Football League, we became a League Two team, a team that you can play on FIFA. It's so beautiful. I'm so grateful to him. It's why he still starts.

Alright, so yeah. So S'Moore is not married but he has a very serious girlfriend. And when I asked him if he's thinking about getting married he said "Unclear." So I don't know if he's just trying to, like, keep it a secret for the little lady or what but, um, yes. I met his girlfriend, she is super cool. Very British, like I think she's from, I think she's from Liverpool or something. Like she has one of those accents that you can just barely parse if you're an American. Like it doesn't even sound fully English. Maybe she's Scottish, I don't know. It's one of those... You know, Americans, like we're not good at accents. Like all we know is if it sounds weird. It doesn't have that nice flat America-ness to it, that's what we...

Oh! Oh! Oh get there! Oh, that was Francomb. You were about to, when he does the robot it's the Francombstein dance. Um, yes. Alright. Anyway, so his girlfriend's really cool, though. She's an art teacher at an elementary school in south London and they met because her dad is an AFC Wimbledon fan and like brought her to the games and, you know, then they eventually met. And they fell in love and it's pretty cute. They're pretty cute together. Again, they're not the talkiest couple. She's a little more outgoing but even her, I mean, she's - Oh God! - Uh, you know, not the talkiest person. You know, she's an artist.

So, but yeah. So he is dating, as I know a lot of Wimbly Wombly supporters have been asking about that. He's twenty years old so he's just, you know, finished high school before becoming a professional footballer. And, you know, he still, he's in that weird space in his career - this is not something we talked about, this is just something I'm telling you - he's in that weird space in his career where it could kind of go either way, you know. Like he's probably gonna spend his career sort of like in the leagues.

Oh God. I'm so bad at defense. In the, um, you know, in League One, League Two, maybe you're with a team that gets promoted and goes up to the Championship, but like he's not probably going to be a star. You know, he's not gonna, like, play for England or anything. And I think that he's accepted that. Like, he seems to... One of the things I like about him is that he seems to kind of know the limits of his talent which I think is really important no matter what you're doing because it makes you work harder to know "what am I good at, what am I not good at" you know. And I think he knows he's not as - we've got to find a way to score a goal here by the way - I think he knows that, you know, he's not as purely talented as, like, you know, Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard or something. Like he's still, you know, he just doesn't have... And he's not as purely talented as the John Greens and he definitely knows that as well.

I think the reason that we're suffering in this game is because we are inadequately Moored. So I'm bring on Less Moore as well as Some Moore and hopefully that's gonna make the difference for us. The boys are a little tired out there, a little bit of an underwhelming performance in the first half you have to say. I was hoping that S'Moore would score a goal in his big video but he's been pretty much anonymous. So that's a little disappointing. But, you know, we'll see. Life is long and the arc of history does bend toward justice. Um. Yes, that's aggressive, I like three substitutions at half time. And the Bristol Rovers made one so they aren't satisfied either.

Um, but yeah. He's a, yeah. So he doesn't have a lot, he doesn't seem to have a lot of interests other than soccer. So not a big reader, not that keen on the movies. Like I asked him what his favorite movie was and he said Godfather which is a pretty standard answer. Oh we've just got to get some defense in there boys. But he loves loves loves soccer. All time favorite player, a guy named John Barnes, played for Liverpool back in the 80s and 90s. Great, great player for England as well. He grew up a Liverpool supporter but now, of course, his heart bleeds AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly blue. He's a womble.

But you know, it's weird, like, when you're, you know... This is something we talked about. I said "Do you, is this a club that you'd want to stay at for your entire life?" And he said "Nyeah." That's his actual answer: "Nyeah." But I think, you know, it's difficult because, you know, obviously we're having an amazing season, but like what's life gonna be like when we get to League One or when we get to the Championship, you know? Like it's going to be very different and, like, is S'Moore gonna still be the kind of guy who can deliver goals and results? I don't know yet.

Good friends, best friend on the team is definitely Lizzie Bennett, Aliza Bennett. They get along really really well. And, you know, there was some initial... It's interesting. Like I would have thought that having, you know, two gay players who are married to each other would have been kind of the biggest impediment to team unity because they're is still quite a lot of homophobia in soccer, less so, you have to say, at the Wimbly Womblys than in most clubs. You know, our supporters are very very progressive and open minded and that's awesome. But I would have thought that would be the biggest issue. But the biggest issue by far has been...

They have a player named Clucas. Clucas! Clucas is coming off and being replaced by D. Clarke. Clucas! That's an adorable name. His name's Clucas! That's so cute. I wanna name my kid Clucas. I wanna go home to Henry today and say "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that your name is Clucas. The bad news is that the name you have known for these last three and a half years is no longer your name." There's Ya Bamba! Oh, that's good stuff. He's got pace up the wing. Oh, unnecessary slide tackle, almost took out my own player. This is not going well. Um, but it's OK.

Um, but he has, he has... I asked him how he would describe this season at AFC Wimbledon with, or how he would describe his feelings about this season with AFC Wimbledon and he said "appreciative" which I thought was really a sweet ans... Oh! Bald John Green! Get it, getitgetitgetitgetit! W-w-w-w-w-what are you doing? What are you doing S. Moore!? Oh man, I expect better! Oh I think actually that was S. Moore. It's a little confusing because they're both name Moore. Um, but... Oh, we gotta get the ball there boys. We're better than this. We are, you know... Oh, John Green! You gotta get that ball.

Um, so, sweet guy but... Oh! Look at that beautiful... Oh God! Oh God, it's the most beautiful ginger I've ever seen. Oh God. Oh, it's so difficult but I made a promise to Other John Green. Points not gingers, that was the promise I made when he dyed his hair red for me so I'm gonna keep that promise but oh my God, that was a beautiful ginger mop. Um, I'm not even going to learn that player's name so that I don't have to feel the regret of knowing that he's never going  to be a Wimbly Wombly. Come on boys. Come on boys. Oh! I thought that was it. Oh. Bald John Green with the... Oho! Oh, who are these Bristol Rovers? Oh that was a great move by the ginger. Good lord, I can't compete with it.

Um, yeah. But I think, I think... I like a guy like... I mean, one of the things I really like about S. Moore is that he was the person who, more than anyone on the team, even more than Bald John Green and Other John Green, tried to make Lizzie Bennett feel immediately welcome and to say, like, you know, "You are a part of this team." And of course he didn't do that with words, he did it by, like, spending time with her and by, like, working out with her and by not being afraid of her in the locker room and stuff like that. And that's been awesome. So he's a guy, you know, like a lot of people I respect whose actions speak much louder than his words which hardly speak at all. So I like him a lot. I hope that he becomes a favorite because I'd really like him to hang around, really like him hang around Wimbly Wombly Lane for as long as possible.

Is that really the end of the game? God! So disappointing. I apologize to my supporters. I will put the A team back in and hopefully we'll see better results. It's not the best stuff. So we're going to have a rematch with the Bristol Rovers. Thanks for watching. Best wishes.