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In which John continues to play against the Bristol Rovers in the FA Cup.

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Just kidding! Hi my name is John Green, I'm the manager of the AFC Wimbly Womblys and in our last video I was like "Oh, we drew in the F.A. Cup, that means there's going to be a rematch." But apparently, no. Apparently, there's going to be extra time. So, we have thirty minutes to make a miracle happen: score a goal against mighty Bristol Rovers and try to stay in the F.A. Cup, which is our competition, we should be able to stay in this. We've gotta figure out a way.

Oh, that's a nice ball, that is a nice ball. Cut it back John Green! Oh I love it, I love it, I love it! Oh that's Francomb! Francomb's doing a nice job there. I give Francombstein a hard time. Oh, oh, what?! No! Strong disagreement! Was his mustache offside?!! That's a very close line. Very close line friends. Alright, Bald John Green's got to have a little bit better tactical awareness. Oh boy. Alright, here we go. We've got to stop Bristol Rovers and we've got to score.

I love this team, but I don't trust us in penalties, to be completely honest with you. Uhm, that's where it's going though if we can't figure out a way to score. It would go to penalties. It would be a bit of a problem. That's a nice ball. That's nice stuff Francomb. There, get it to him. Yes. Now to Bald John Green. No. Yes. Mmm. Frustrating. Oh! What a tackle! I mean, Bald John Green, the guy is just pure hustle. He's made of hustle.

There you go. To Ya Bamba, please. "Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Bamba". Come on Ya Bamba. Every time he touches the ball, I sing his song. I just love it so much. Plus, Meredith is always complimenting me on how on-key I am. Get it, Ya Bamba! No! What is wrong with that tackle? Are you--WHAT?! You're going to give me a card for an am--WHAT? He just knocked over my player!! Where's his card?! Let's see it again! He got the ball! He got the ball! Oh, that guy's a... That guy's a scumbag. Not the ref, but the guy who knocked over Ya Bamba. You don't knock over Ya Bamba. It's not cool.

Agggh. Okay, we're going into the second half of overtime now. Nervous times for the AFC Wimbly Womblys. That was a... I mean I just don't like that call at all. I don't like anything about it. I don't like the fact that it was a card. I don't like the fact it was a foul and then I don't like the fact that their player came up and destroyed my player and got nothing! Ohh, Bald John Green needed to be up there with his husband. We need to go all-out attacking. All-out attack, please.

Come on boys. Come on. Good job, yep. Nope. There's no hurry here, it's not an emergency yet. Ya Bamba has a yellow card, just a reminder. Come on, get it, get it. Ohh, I love his courage. I love his... Ohh, but it's not a good pass, back to Bald John Green. That's gotta go down to Manager John Green encouraging--ohh, that was almost a really bad tackle. Oh. My boys are a little slow, so I'm having to slide tackle a little bit more. We're super tired. GO! Ah! Ya Bamba made a run but it was the wrong run at the wrong time! It could have been a goal, but it wasn't. Okay, everybody just stay focused. Stay ultra-attacking.

Oh man, Bald John Green's trying to do it all himself. You know, I love Bald John Green, if he has a weakness it's that sometimes he tries to take on too much. That was a moment he should have turned to S. Moore and said "S. Moore, are you with me?" And S'Moore would have been like "Of course I am!" You know, you gotta trust your team, and that's hard.

Oh, that's it, we're going to penalties. Oh, Seb Brown, Seb Brown. He saved two penalties against Luton Town, Seb Brown. Seb Brown. He put us in League Two, but can he keep us in the F.A. Cup? Seb Brown! Do it Sebby. Wow, look at Lizzie Bennett, do you see this? Her penalty taking is a 24. And her finishing is a 21. Anyway, I'm putting Seb Brown up to sixth. Because I believe he's a great penalty taker. I don't care what they say about him.

Alright, we're gonna start out with John Green nee Bennett, he used to be John Bennett, now he's John Green because he married Bald John Green and he's a good penalty taker and.... Ohhh! Huh, God. That was terrifying, it should have been stopped, but it wasn't. Oh! Seb Brown! Seb Brown! He's the greatest penalty goalkeeper in the history of AFC Wimbledon!!! Seb Brown! Thank you Brownie!

Oh god, okay. A bit of an overreaction for the first round of the F.A. Cup. Ohoho! How do you like them apples? Was that Frampton? I believe Frampton just came alive. Oh god, we're up against a ginger. Oh god. It's a ginger. His name's Harold. Can't stop a ginger, can't stop a ginger. I mean, you see that hair, Meredith? Good lord.

Ohh. "We liked your goal, We liked your goal, We liked your goal, And we'd like Some Moore". Some Moore does score on his video. Oh, he just needed to stay still, Brownie!! All you needed to do was stand tall and big!

Okay, now it's the other one. Maybe this is Some Moore, I can't really see the name. Ohh! It gets behind him! I don't know why--Oh man. Ah. Look at Brown, he's a little--do you see the fear in his eyes, Meredith? I'm a little nervous that he's not gonna make this stop. But I believe in him, I believe in him. You can do it, buddy. Go left, go left, go left! YES! Oh! We're going to the next round of the F.A. Cup! Eat it, Bristol Rovers! Oh, it's a beautiful thing! We're going to the next round boys. (sigh) Seb Brown saved two penalties against Luton Town, and then he saved two famous penalties against Bristol Rovers. And we're still in it. Thank you for watching! Best wishes.