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I got an M-Box...and in the M-Box Box...there was a surprise.
Hello. It's the third day in April and the second day of Hank vlogging every day in April except for the first day. So I have exciting news: I got Pro Tools and the mini M-box. These thing will allow me to make music at home. And I'm also getting some monitor speakers and a new, fancy microphone so I'll be able to record things well, here, without having to go into the studio and I can record things here and then take them to the studio and add stuff to them. So that should save me some time and it should save me some money and should mean that I'm going to be making more music, which is very exciting for me, especially, hopefully also for you.

So here's the funny thing. I got this M-box used on eBay, right? And I received this and I excitedly opened the box and inside the box, much to my surprise, was an M-box and the software and all the things I needed to run the software, but there was one other thing in the box. This is the surprising part. There was a smell. There was the smell of the person's home who sent this to me. The person who sent this to me has a dirty, moldy and smoky home. So I'm like "well, thank you for the M-box, I did not realize I was paying for some stinky air as well as my new software and hardware to help me record music. I kinda find that idea fascinating, like when stuff gets shipped, like from China or something, like the air in that box is from China. And my cat is always fascinated. My cat always runs up to boxes like "what is that smell?" Kitty, that smell is China. That is what you're smelling. You're smelling what it smells like in China. Fascinating, not only do we box up stuff, but we box up air and we send it across the country using FedEx and UPS and the US Postal Service.

That is all of the news I have for you today. Goodbye.