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We took Lemon to the mall yesterday even though she'd been feeling sick. Turned out just fine though, and she's feeling much better. Happy Easter everyone, enjoy spring!!
Hello and welcome to the 4th day of April. Dang, it's been busy. Starting out, Lemon had a pretty rough day yesterday. Lemon is my dog, like you don't know that. First, we tried to give her her dewormer because sometimes they get intestinal bugs when you first get them, but that made her decide that she wanted to puke and have diarrhea and not eat all day, which is a possible side effect of being dewormed, but this was made more complicated by the fact that Katherine and Lemon and I were supposed to go to the mall to help raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit organization that brought Lemon to us. So we're of course in these people's debts and we want to help out as much as we can.

So Lemon was feeling ok by the time it was time for us to take Lemon to the mall so we brought her to the mall, and it actually turned out to be just fine. There were a bunch of other greyhounds there and Lemon was really excited to see all of them. Super excited, so happy to have greyhounds around because obviously greyhounds is what she knew for the vast majority of her life. She's just very comfortable around them and she also hung out with people at the mall and people scratched her and they asked about greyhounds and I learned fascinating new things from other greyhound owners and it was just an overall great time and I think we convinced a lot of people that they may want to consider adopting a greyhound and we also raised a good amount of money to help feed the greyhounds that we currently have waiting to be adopted.

So that actually went great and it was fun to talk to strangers and have the dog be kind of the stranger ambassador and so the stranger would walk up to the dog and you would walk up to the dog and then it would be ok to talk to the stranger. And I learned some fascinating things about greyhounds. I think maybe I will do a greyhound Truth or Fail.

Relatedly, I've been busy because I just finished uploading the Easter Truth or Fail, which was supposed to go live yesterday but finally got it up today. I just started late on it. It usually takes me like three days to do them so I need to start before Friday. I'm also very excited to announce that it is more or less spring here. Today, in our yard, I found this. This is a crocus that is growing in my yard and that is the first flower I have seen so far this spring.

I've also been very busy because VidCon is coming up to it's first price increase, so there's lots of stuff going on, helping people register and making sure that they get in before the cut off. I've probably gotten and answered 200 emails in the last day. I didn't realize that VidCon was going to turn me into a customer service representative, but that's fine. And it's been very exciting to watch registrations come in because I think that we are not going to lose money on the conference and additionally, it's going to be freaking awesome. Sorry if you can't be there, but it's gonna be awesome, even without you. It would be more awesome if you were there, but if you aren't, we're not going to, like, not have fun, just because you're not there. We will be streaming it live there so you will be able to be there in computer form, but other than that, thank you to everyone who is able to come and I think that's pretty much  everything that is going on in my life right now. Ok. I'm going to eat some food and relax a little bit, or try. Alright. Bye bye.