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Thanks for your help with keeping my social media active while I'm gone! Good lord, I am excited for the future, but terrified of taking a break. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!

***There will be THREE VIDCONS this year***
VidCon EU | April 7-9, 2017 | RAI Convention Center
VidCon US | June 21-24, 2017 | Anaheim Convention Center
VidCon AUS | September 9-10 | Melbourne Convention Centre

***NerdCon Nerdfighteria***
Happening in February in Boston, NerdCon Nerdfighteria will be the first ever gathering of just our community, during which we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary.

1. No more than 130 characters including your @handle
2. The tweet that wins will be chosen by me.
3. I will probably choose based on how funny I find the tweet.
4. But, to be clear, this will be super subjective.
5. You can use a tweet that you have previously tweeted.
6. If you are found to be plagiarising I'll be REALLY MAD.
7. You may leave instructions re: GIFs, images, etc to post with the tweet.

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Hank: Good morning, John! This is going to be my last video before I go on paternity leave.

John, I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to work. I probably should. It’s gonna be weird to take a break. I don’t know what that’s gonna be like. I haven’t taken a break from doing this in 10 years.

I started making YouTube videos when I was 26 years old. I'm 36! Wow. Woah! But in all honesty, I’m a little worried about my ability to disengage.

But before I leave you all, I have some housekeeping. I have made 2 videos that will upload during paternity leave. I’ve already made them and uploaded them and scheduled them. One is a promo video for VidCon that will go up as soon as tickets go on sale in Australia, Amsterdam, and the U. S. They’re already on sale in the U.S.; Australia and Amsterdam will be coming soon.

Second, I will be on leave during Pizzamas, which I feel bad about ‘cause the entire idea of Pizzamas is that we make more videos than usual, and I’m gonna miss it. So I made one and we’re having people cover me for the other ones, but I wanted to talk a little bit about Pizzamas this year ‘cause it’s a little bit different in terms of our designs.

This year, I decided to reach out to a bunch of my favorite designers on the internet and ask them for their take on Pizza John, which has resulted in a very diverse and weird group of Pizza John designs that I’m very excited about sharing with people. I’m wearing a Pizza John hoodie right now that you can’t buy yet, which I shouldn’t even be showing you. I’m also wearing a Pizza John design under here ‘cause I was just making that video

But you’re not supposed to be seeing these things at all. You’re not supposed to be seeing that this hoodie has that thing. Oh yeah. These are all our test print run. There’s a pile of Pizza John shirts behind the camera staring at me, literally. But I’m very excited to unleash them upon the world, and also I really like the video I made.

So that’s VidCon and Pizzamas. Also, Project for Awesome is coming up. I won’t be able to talk about that much before the Project for Awesome happens, so get your Project for Awesomeing hands ready, and if you don’t know what that is, you can Google it. John, maybe you want to make a video about that. I know it’s probably my turn to do that. Sorry.

I think last piece of housekeeping is that I will be trying to disengage from social media, which will be very hard for me. I’m gonna try to not tweet at all. There will be people tweeting as me—I think mostly Victoria—just to let people know about things that are happening, whether that’s Project for Awesome or VidCon or Pizzamas or whatever. But I like creating content on my social media, and there won’t be any of that because I’m gonna try my best not to do it. So I’ve scheduled some tweets for the future, just so that there will be something coming out, and they’re hashtagged #pretweet.

But I can’t come up with six weeks worth of tweets, so... I’m asking you all to help me. Leave down below ideas for things that you would like me to tweet, and have them be about 120 characters so we can tag them and also maybe tag you if you want to leave your Twitter handle there.

And a weird thing happened to me today: I got this in the mail. It’s a Google Pixel phone. Now I want to be clear: I’m an iPhone user. I have no particular affinity for any kind of phone, but they did send this to me because it’s YouTube, it’s Google, and it’s this related thing. I am gonna give this to my favorite tweet. It’s the XL version. It’s got 128 gigabytes inside of it. I don’t know how they fit that many in there. I don’t believe in upgrading a phone just ‘cause somebody sends you a $1000 phone, so I’m gonna send it to one of you. Here it is. I kissed it. So you gotta leave your Twitter handle so that we can find you, and I’m gonna put a Hanklerfish on the back of this, so now there’s that. And I bet whoever gets this is gonna need it more than me.

And again, this is not a sponsorship. I do not endorse that phone. I know nothing about it. Choose whatever phone you would like to choose, as long as it isn’t one of the explodey ones.

And I think that’s it! I think I’m gonna end this video, and then I’m gonna go on paternity leave. It’s a thing that’s actually gonna happen. HUUUUUUUU--

John, I’ll see you on Tuesday. You’ll see me whenever you come visit? When’s that? You coming to visit? You should do that. You should do that.