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In which BABY John celebrates BABY the arrival of BABY Hank and Katherine's baby boy and discusses BABY the 2016 Project for Awesome, nerdfighteria's annual BABY 48-hour charity event.

The Project for Awesome will take play this year from noon eastern time on December 9th until noon eastern on December 11th. DFTBA!

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John: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday! First things first, Hank, YOU ARE A DAD! Katherine had a baby boy over the weekend, his name is Orin, he is adorable! And I am SO SO HAPPY. My excitement about this baby is at the level of, like, cheese doodles guy. 

Cheese doodles guy: incoherent, excited screaming

John: This also means that Hank is really and truly on paternity leave now, but fear not! In the coming weeks, we will have several excellent Guest Hanks, beginning this Friday with NerdyAndQuirky Sabrina. Second thing second, next month will be the tenth annual Project for Awesome. Wait. Is that possibly correct? Oh my God, I'm old. I'm super old. When did I become old? It was this weekend when my baby brother had a baby. I've gone from cheese doodles guy excited to glimpsing the void in less than a minute.

But right, the tenth annual Project for Awesome, no need to fear how old you've become, will begin at noon eastern time on December 9th and we need your help in a couple ways. First, though, some background. The Project for Awesome started in 2007 when Nerdfighteria essentially tricked YouTube's algorithm into featuring videos about charity. 

Over the years, the Project for Awesome has evolved a lot, but it's always been focused on one, decreasing the overall level of suck in the world and two, encouraging people to make great videos about their favorite charities.

So here's how it's going to work this year. First, hopefully many of you will make Project for Awesome videos. The idea here is that on December 9th, you upload a video about a charity you care about. You explain why the work they do is so important and how they do it well and then you encourage people to vote for your video at This is a great way to spread the word about your favorite charities and also the charities that receive the most votes will get grants. Last year, the top voted charities received $25,000 apiece. 

Then there is the live show. So, for 48 hours straight, beginning at noon eastern time on December 9th, there will be a continuous livestream here at the Vlogbrothers channel, hosted by Hank and me and lots of special guests. In the livestream, we'll be highlighting our favorite Project for Awesome videos, probably covering our faces in peanut butter, and also raising money for charity.

There will be an Indiegogo with lots of great perks from all kinds of amazing YouTubers and all the proceeds will go to Nerdfighteria's charity, the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, which I know doesn't sound like a real charity, but I promise it is one. It is a federally sanctioned 501C3 organization and yes, your donations are tax deductible if you live in the United States and possibly if you don't, but I don't know your tax laws.

Right, okay, so the Foundation to Decrease World Suck has no overhead because everyone who works for it volunteers their time, which means that 100% of donations, less the cost of producing and shipping physical perks, goes to charity. Over the last three years, we've raised more than three million dollars.

How do we choose the charities? Well, during the first half of the Project for Awesome, we raise money for pre-selected charities. This year they will be Save the Children and Partners in Health. These are both great organizations our community has worked with for a long time. And we've seen the impact that our donations to Partners in Health and Save the Children can have, from Bangladesh to Haiti to Ethiopia to the United States to refugee camps in Jordan.

Pre-selecting charities also allows us to gather matching donations which that means for the first half of the Project for Awesome, every dollar you donate will be worth at least two dollars. Which reminds me, if you happen to be a person who wants to make a very large donation to this year's Project for Awesome, say anything over a thousand dollars, please email me at with the subject line "Matching". We will add your donations to the matching fund and thank you profusely and to reiterate, your donations are tax deductible. 

Okay, so then during the second half of the Project for Awesome, we'll raise money for charities chosen by you, the Nerdfighter community via voting Last year, the winning charities ranged from to the American Association for Suicide Prevention. It's up to you to decide what charities to make videos about and which to support with your votes. 

So here's what we can use from you right now in comments. One, perk ideas. What perks would get you excited about donating to this year's Project for Awesome? Or what perks have you loved in the past? And number two, guest suggestions. Are there people you would love to see on the Project for Awesome livestream? If so, let us know in comments. 

Hank, congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! I will not see you on Friday, but it's okay, I will see Sabrina and you have a baby!