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I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe.  This special episode of Sexplanations, DIY sex toys, is sponsored by, a place where you can get professionally made sex toys.


I've received a lot of packages lately and after opening my mail, there's all this leftover.  Boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, paper.  (crying sobs)  The environment!  I'm a solution-based person.  Re-using materials is one of the most effective ways that you can care for the environment and save money, so obviously, it's time to make some sex toys.

First, a simple one.  A padded envelope.  Cut or tear about two inches on either edge so that you get to the bubbles.  Then, fold those flaps back along the bubbles.  If you fold in between a row of bubbles, the sleeve won't be as soft.  Grab or tape the sides to your preferred width, then add the lube of your choice and hubba hubba.  Ow wow wow.

Let's make some sex toys out of this packing material.  They can be used for sensation play, as sex cushions, or a padded wall surface to make out up against.  Is your anus sore?  Do you need a break from being penetrated?  Make yourself a (?~1:05) and stick it between your legs.  This backup option for your backdoor sex life is the victory you've asked for and it comes with free shipping and handling.  Cut off or tear a few pillows, wrap them around something similar to your partner's body shape, then insert a condom and in you go.  Mm, mm, mm.  Also great for masturbating.  You can see through it.  I have a lot of these.  

Let's make a hot seat, too.  Here's what you'll need.  Dildo, something sturdy for it to rest on, bubbles.  Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.  You'll need it to be big enough for your butt to rest on.  If you don't have enough bubbles, you can add towels between the sturdy object and the bubbles.  This will help you absorb any fluids you might produce, too.  Then put a condom on the toy, sit and enjoy.

Next, this big box.  Gloryhole time.  If you're not familiar with gloryholes, they're holes cut into walls or partitions so that people can have sex through them or look in and watch sex or masturbation happening.  They're common in adult bookstores, also known as sex shops and in porn and in erotica.  It adds a little mystery.  Who's on the other side?  What's going to come through the hole?  What am I going to do with this frisky little hole?  Kinky.  Risky.  Get tested, use protection.  With my box, I can have a gloryhole experience from the comfort of my own home, know my risks, and not damage any walls.  Carefully cut a hole at bent-over asshole height or on one's knee height, playing out the fantasy of anonymous sex.  If you have a partner, you can take turns playing on each side of the gloryhole.  If you don't, you can secure your pre-made sleeve to the opening or line it with a banana peel.  I'm serious.  I've added some drawings to spice this up even more.  If you're not into the fisherman's fantasy, how about snowblowing?  I love packages!

Ooh, except when they have these.  These are terrible for the environment, obnoxiously hard to contain, and difficult to transform into a sex toy, but I will do it!  Electric toothbrush.  Take off the head, gently stab the packaging peanut, and now you have a softer, more plump, almost flesh-like sensation to put against anything you'd like. 

Phone.  Set an alarm to go off in 5-10 minutes on vibrate.  Gently cut off the top of an airbag.  Put the phone in the bag, fill with packing peanuts on both sides.  Secure with rubber bands, and position it between your legs, lie back, and wait until the alarm goes off.  (giggles) 

I know.  There's still this big bag.  I got you.  Get in the box, dump the packing peanuts over yourself, and voila, you've created an erotic sensory bin for your partner or partners to explore.  

Lastly, this crunchy paper wad.  I'm gonna go lingerie on this one.  I'm Mother Nature, love me.  Please take care of the planet and stay curious.  Sex toys are a popular way for people to enhance their sex lives.  You can make them from household items and packaging materials or you can buy yourself fancy toys designed by experts constructed for safe and durable use that are pretty.  Not that your packing paper negligee isn't pretty.  Every time you use the promo code 'DOE' at checkout on's website, you can get 50% off an eligible item plus free shipping in the US and Canada.  You'll get a high-quality sex toy and shipping materials so you can craft yourself an extra plaything.


(crying sobs)  What I do for science.