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Hello, it's Hank Green and welcome to the first day of Hank Green vlogs everyday in April!

Nerdfighteria is now Jockfighteria. We've changed it... for jocks. 'Cause we like basketball so much and hockey... and other jock-related things. So, we're gonna skip—we're gonna get outta [that] nerd-thing and I'm [going to] start going to the gym, everyday, for like four hours a day. I'm just going to get real big. Were all going to get real big. We gotta "big it up" and it's going to be jockfighteria. That's what we're doing. I saw somebody make that joke on Twitter.

The Turbo and Encabulator script from SciShow, we may have a little Lizzie Bennet thing planned. It was very small. That, yeah. John convinced everyone, people actually believed this, that John Boon had cast him as Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars movie. No, people. No, no, no! He's old! Come on!

YouTube is closing down today and they're going to pick the best video. They're finally going to pick the winner of the contest. My vote goes to Washington. If you've never seen Washington by Brad Neely... I think you could just Google "Washington" in the Google search bar and watch that. You, if you haven't heard Washington, will be really, probably, pretty confused there for a little while.

There's something else that I wanted to bring up. It is to do with the Harlem Shake. There's this article that says that the Harlem Shake was something that the corporations did to us. I think the title of it was something like "Corporations had More to do With the Harlem Shake Than You Did." It just has this like, super-sinister sound to it, but the thing is that any cultural phenomena is going to have participation by corporations. And that doesn't mean that it was manufactured by corporations. It means that it's something that the culture did together and that corporations are a huge part of our culture if you haven't noticed! Apple, a big part of my culture, whatever gum I like to chew. I don't like to chew gum, but you know, Marvel is a huge part of my culture. Corporations are a huge, huge, huge part of culture and I guess the sort of idea was that the first big bump that the Harlem Shake got was due to Maker Studios, but the idea to me that Maker Studios is a corporation that was somehow orchestrating the Harlem Shake in order to create a cultural phenomenon that would benefit Maker Studios. Yeah, ...maybe, but also they wanted to have a good time. I'm not a huge proponent of YouTube networks. I understand that they serve purposes, but sometimes I feel they don't serve the purposes they should as well as they should, but that's a conversation for another day.

I don't have a specific problem with maker studios and I certainly don't have a problem with them making a Harlem Shake video. It's fun. It's a fun thing for their employees to do on a Tuesday afternoon. I mean, the fact that they were apart of a mainstream trajectory doesn't say—it's not an inditement of Maker Studios, it's not an inditement of the Harlem Shake. It's just the world being the world and there's absolutely nothing wrong with corporations participating in a meme. That doesn't make it dirty. It doesn't—and it certainly doesn't mean—the most important thing is that it doesn't mean they manufactured it. I just thought that that article was kind of dumb and inflammatory intentionally just to get people to get excited about and then, it and it didn't even make the case that the headline made.

It just—anyway, that's journalism in the internet era. And I'm sure the guy that wrote it was very smart and maybe he didn't want that to be the headline, but that was the headline and the stuff in the article is fine as long as you don't put the headline on top of it. It didn't even make the argument.

So, thank you for watching this first episode of Hank Green vlogs everyday it April. If you would like to suggest a topic for tommorrow's video, you can do that in the comments or you could suggest it at the nerdfighters sub-reddit and then vote up the ones you think are good ideas. That's an idea that I just had right now. So if that was a bad idea, I apologize. Goodbye!