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Just setting the bar.
VEDA Number 2! With Hank! April 2nd, welcome!

Today we're gonna talk a little bit, first, about what it is we're doing and what the rules are. So, Vlog Every Day In April, I will be vlogging every day in April, so Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, because- on this channel- because I'll be vlogging on Vlogbrothers on Thursday, and I'm not gonna vlog twice on some days in April. That would be crazy!

"Vlog", is a funny word. It is a funny word. It's just a funny sounding word. I-I've never been happy about it. I mean obviously we embraced it early on by calling our channel The Vlogbrothers, but I've never, I've always disliked the word "blog" as well- my glasses are super dirty- and so, yeah, but "vlog" is a funny concept. So I may not by vlogging every day in April, I may be also playing music, or uploading a video that isn't a vlog, whatever that may be, so it won't necessarily be vlogs every day in April. But it will be videos every day in April, and most of them will certainly be vlogs, because that is the easiest thing for me to do. Yup!

Quite a number of people suggested excellent topics, ranging from how I met Katherine, to Lizzie Bennet Diaries, talk about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the year of Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and it's over now, it's amazing, what are we gonna do? and stuff like that. And so, yeah, I-I will talk about those things, I'll talk about other things that people suggested, um, in both the comments and in this thread on Reddit right now. Take us through a Day in the Life of Hank, it says. 

Oh, I got a haircut, did you notice that? This is different, right? Much less.

I'm going to LA, halfway through April, so you will get to come to Los Angeles with me. I'm gonna be there for six days, and I'm gonna have like twelve meetings with people you've heard of. I'm not gonna spoil it. It's gonna be a surprise!

Someone asked my thoughts on assisted suicide, so, woah. A number of people yesterday asked for my opinions on Youtube networks, because I made a little comment about Youtube networks, and that could also be a great topic. And-and it turns out that this video may just be me talking about what I might talk about later.

Tessa- Meekakitty- asked me yesterday on Twitter, "Hank, what are you gonna vlog about every day in April?" And I said "I'm gonna do whatever strikes my fancy." So I'm gonna whatever strikes my fancy.

Other suggested topics: somebody said that they wanted to write a comment knowing that it'll never be read, and how it's a complete waste of time, to comment on Youtube comments because creators never read comments, and to that guy I say "Haha, I win?" It's not a complete waste of time, commenting on Youtube videos, at all, even if the creator doesn't reads them, there's lots of good discussions that happen in Youtube comments. And I know that the system could be better, and maybe that's another topic we can talk about later, but when I say that I'm gonna read the comments. like suggestions in the comments, I'm not making that up, man.

Someone else suggested that I use a tripod, because that was making them motion sick, so, sorry about that, here's a tripod. Ooh, it went down. Mhhmmmmm. I can't get it back up, agh.

Another person suggested I give a tour of my bookshelf, which is another good idea. Frankly, there's just a lot of good ideas. I don't think that I'm gonna lack for things to talk about during Vlog Every Day in April, so I'm kind of regretting making a video that's just about what I'm gonna talk about, but I did, I did that, and I don't have time to do another one, so this is what you're gonna get. Thank you for watching, goodbye.