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In which Hank and Katherine discover the Heir of Slytherin... ?
It's short because we were demoralized.
Hank: Hello, and welcome to LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 through 4, I'm Hank!
Katherine: And I'm Katherine!

H: There you go.

K: Sorry, trying to play the game!

H: Where is the thing to jump onto??

K: And failing poorly.

H: Oh my god, oh my god and I just took my strength potion and I can't frickin' jump!! I should be able to jump more if I have strength potion. Okay. Okay I have to run across, do the jumps, and jump and jump and jump. And jump. And jump. AAAH!

K: That's okay, it's okay. It's okay. Get it! Get it! YEAH! Get it!

H: Ahhhhhhhh!

K: (Laughs then groans)

H: Oh my god, I hate this game. Come with me.

K: I don't want to anymore.

H: We can do it!

K: But I don't want to!

H: No! I don't want to wand the thing. I want to drink it.

K: You have to wait until the little arrow comes up.

H: Yes, boom boom boom this is all very well...spent time. Let's go.

K: This is why...come at it from the other direction.

H: What, which direction? This direction?

K: Yes. 

H: Okay. That is a good idea.

K: Okay. Okay. Okay still plenty of time. Still plenty of time.

H: Still plenty of time. Plenty of time! Plenty of time as long as I don't fall...which I...

K: Ooh, doggies!

H: Yeah, that was close.

K: I'm falling into a...crack..get it! Get that thing!

H: Ahh!!! Thank the lord almighty for the things of life and warthogs! Ah.

K: The things of life. Thank you for the things of life. 

H: And warthogs. Okay, lets get out of this room. It is annoying my life!

K: (Laughs) It is annoying my life as well!

H: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, you're okay. You're cool. No worries!

K: What? Why would you be shooting at the teacher?

H: I don't know! I don't know what we're doing! I thought it was secret and we should be hiding!

K: You aren't even here, really.

H: Well we're working together so I'm here enough.

K: (Laughs)

H: What? I'm in spinning candlesticks.

K: Yep.

H: Tom Riddle. Your life is not making my life easier. I'm blaming you for this.

K: I'm not him! I'm not! I could just as easily...easily have been you! Eh? Eh? Eh?

H: Eh? Eh? Eh.

K: Eh?

H: Eh.

K: Ehhhhh

H: Shoot the benches!

K: Shoot everything!

H: (Groans). Honky bonky!

K: Wait, there's a thing.

H: I shot it.

K: You shot that?

H: Oh, a radio.

K: You shot...yeah. Jump! You dumb piece of crap.

H: Jump you...Ohhhh..waahhhh!!!! 


H: Aw, double suicide!

K: (Laughing)

H: Why is that even possible??

K: Okay, that didn't work. Here, look! A thing! Go.

H: Ooh, fun!

K: (Groans)

H: What do you want with us wizard man? (Sings along with music)

K: (Imitates Hank, singing). Spinning the candlesticks for no good reason!

H: (Keeps singing).

H: What are you doing, Harry? Spinning it. Spin the thing.

K: OH, oh oh oh.

H: The thing, I think.

K: Spin it.

H: Alright, I spun it. Ooh, I got myself through as well. Or maybe you did.

K: I think I did.

H: Good job! Well done, everyone. I'm impressed by our teamwork. You and me. What the frick do you do with this snake?

K: Uh.......

H: You just get bolts from it.

K: Yes. Yes. Studs.

H: It's part of my vocabulary!

K: Okay. It's wrong.

H: Yes, well lots of things are wrong.

K: It's the wrong vocabulary word.

H: Lots of things start out wrong and then become right.

K: Ponkity, ponkity, ponkity, ponkity, wooooo!! Yeah, Lumos that...bitch! Okay. Lift it.

H: Lift it.

K: Put it. Lift it.

H: Makes it...

K: Put it. Why would you...okay?

H: Lift it, put it, makes it...

K: Oh my god, Tom Riddle, why are you so fat? Get up there?

H: Yeah, Hogwarts crest! This is..oh. (Singing) Oh, Tom Riddle. Why are you so fat? (Speaking) Oh, what are we making?

K: Uhhhh door. Door to...

H: Ah! Take that!

K: Whoa, ride it Haggar, ride it!

H: Why does he have a beard?

K: What?

H: Why does he already have a beard?

K: Oh, because he' did my computer get unplugged?

H: Ahhh I don't know. Because your thing doesn't ever stay in! That is what she said!

K: That is not what she said. That is what he said.

H: No. She said your thing doesn't ever stay in.

K: Yeah, I guess that's true. Whoa, yay! Thank goodness.

H: Yeah, I'm back and it's no longer sepia tone!

K: I hated that world.

H: So dark and annoying! Hey, Ginny. Is that Ginny?

K: Yeah. 

H: She's got freckles!

K: Yeah.

H: They're cute.

K: She is entranced! She's...

H: She's such a hottie. I love hot LEGO girls. Level complete! Free play unlocked!

K: I don't want to play that level.

H: Darkness of jeez...

K: Oh! 

H: House crest. I got one when I turned on the third radio.

Both: (Groan loudly)

H: Unacceptable!

K: Who's fault is that??

H: My butt's fault!

K: Yeah, somebody...somebody's fault.

H: Somebody's butt's fault.

K: (Laughs) Somebody's butt's fault! Aw, man that is...that hurts me in the chest.

H: If you don' don't feel like a true wizard.

K: What? I mean, we were there and...and we didn't do it, you know?

H: You know, it's true. 

K: And, and...mmm!

H: Mmm!

K: Mm.

H: Mmm

K: Mmm just missed opportunities

H: Should we make that the end of this episode?

K: I don't know.

H: It seems like it might be a short episode.

K: I have no idea.

H: But we should probably just...since we're at the beautiful sunset screen say that you will not see us, we will not see you but you will hear us next time on Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 through 4.

K: Goodbye.

H: Goodbye