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Last sync:2023-11-08 14:30 The IndieGoGo is live now, and some of the perks are already sold out!
Good Morning John, it’s Monday. That’s a sentence that I haven’t said in years.

This is weird, but for people who haven’t been following the Vlogbrothers for more than a year, you might not know that it’s about to get weirder here at Vlogbrothers channel because the Project for Awesome happens around December 17th. It’s going to start tomorrow at noon eastern time and you might not know what that means so that’s what this video is about.

Since 2007, on December 17th we, that is you and me and John and everybody who is watching, Nerdfighteria, all of the internet community that wants to be involved participates in the Project for Awesome. (My hair is terrible right now. What is happening?) The idea is to just spend one day of our internet experience instead of on super Wholock and cat GIF’s, spend it on making the world a better place. We do that in a few different ways.

1. People make videos promoting their favorite charities and then upload them on noon eastern time, or there abouts, on December 17th.

2. People submit those videos to where they can be voted upon by the entire community.

3. There’s an Indiegogo campaign. This is how we raise the actual money. There are lots of perks you can get here. There’s a men of YouTube charity calendar, there’s a women of YouTube charity calendar, we did both this year so let’s see who wins. Seriously, everybody wins, obviously. A bunch of nerdfighters created their own artwork which they sent to us for free, even paying for postage so that we could have it be part of the nerdfighter art perk. You can get a haiku with your name in it made by George Watsky, unless your name has more than seven syllables in which case that’s just not gonna work. Also in addition to that you’ll get his new CD signed. I have too many shirts, so I’m gonna make all of my shirts except for, like, the six that I love the most and have sentimental attachments to, I’m gonna have these, also are available so you can get a shirt. These have all, I think, appeared in Vlogbrothers videos. They’re just my shirts. I now have six shirts. You can also get this one (points to shirt he is wearing). They’re all men’s mediums if you’re wondering.

The Indiegogo campaign is there to raise money. Last year we raised $400,000. This year we have matching donations up to $125,000 from an anonymous donor. Thank you anonymous donor.

4. (We’re still in a list if you forgot.) There’s a live stream that starts also at noon eastern time on December 17th. The live stream is basically everybody hanging out and slowly degenerating into madness… and commenting on videos, but mostly degenerating into madness, you don’t want to miss it. We’ll watch a bunch of videos together, you’ll comment on them and if you like them, you’ll go and vote for them at

And finally

5. After everyone has had a chance to vote, the charities featured on the top voted videos will get a cut of the money donated to the Indiegogo campaign. Everything we don’t spend on processing costs or shipping or printing or stuff like that goes to the fund to be split between these charities.

There are so many other perks that I haven’t even talked about. There’s a chance to win a book signed by J.K. Rowling. Oh right! The first two chapters of John Green’s new thing that he’s working on which I don’t know if it’s going to become his new novel, but maybe. I have a Christmas album, did I even mention that? I did a Christmas album for the Project for Awesome. It’s only, it’s digital only and it’s six songs, maybe seven, I, I haven’t quite decided. A lot of it’s recorded, but not all of it.

Anyway, there is much to do. The next few days are going to be crazy. The live stream is hosted here on the Vlogbrothers channel so you can join us for that, please do. Get your commenting fingers ready and John, I’ll see you tomorrow.