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Esther Bracelets: The bracelets benefit the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation, a new organization set up by Esther Earl's family to help families of kids with cancer and other projects in Esther's memory.

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In which John discusses the many ways in which nerdfighters are decreasing worldsuck, from hospitals in America to villages in Bangladesh. Thanks for being awesome!


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A Bunny
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(Sing-a-ma-jig intro) It's Wednesday. By the way, Hank, I can't help but notice that in your video on Monday you failed to address the pressing question of whether I can be your Sing-a-ma-jig player. (Pulls out three sing-a-ma-jigs and plays them all at once, dramatically pulling them away in the end.) Please?

So, Hank, a Nerdfighter made Henry a Halloween costume. You'll never guess what he's going as. (Holds Henry up in his costume.) PIZZA-A-A-A! Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom. (pretends to eat Henry up.)

Hank, in news of children not dressed as pizza, Shawn, from the Uncultured Project is in Bangladesh right now working with Save the Children to help ten thousand kids. In a project funded by Nerdfighteria. Stay tune to his Twitter and YouTube channel, links in the dooblydoo. And, since Shawn got to Bangladesh, he has received news that the pond sand filter that Nerdfighteria funded is still up and running. Nerdfighters. (Does Nerdfighters sign.)

Hank, in further news of world suck reduction, many Nerdfighters have asked where they can get a bracelet like mine that says, "This star won't go out," these bracelets honor Ester Earl, a friend and fellow Nerdfighter who died a couple months ago from cancer. There is now an answer to your question, you can go to DFTBA.COM/ESTER, and you will find bracelets for sale. Hank, we bought the bracelets and Alan at DFTBA Records has offered to process and package every order for free, which means, Nerdfighters, that 100% of the money you spend on these bracelets will go directly to the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation, which is a new organization founded by Ester's family to help other families with kids who have cancer. The This Star Won't Go Out Foundation is another way that with Ester we can find a way to make the world suck less, so, get your bracelet. DFTBA.COM/ESTER.

Dah, and there's something else, Hank, the other day I did a BlogTV show where we raise a lot of money to help James at War's cat get a surgery, and then we also raised an equal amount of money to fight Malaria - by the way, if you don't know who James at War is, you're missing out, dooblydoo - so we raised enough money to get James at War's cat a surgery, but it turns out the surgery was cheaper than they expected so James at War and his wife drove from Texas to Chicago to give me a check for the difference, and I just put the check in my pocket because I figured it was like ten dollars or something - I'm looking for my, uh, French the Llama llama, this is why we're gonna be a top class YouTuber... no props - then a couple days later I'm preparing to do laundry and I'm going through my pants, and what do I find but a check for five hundred forty dollars and this is where I need French the Llama to make my French the Llama joke! (Looks behind him.) There it is, it was right there the whole time! Then a couple days later I'm going through my pants and getting ready to do the laundry, and I find the check, and I open it up, and then I'm like "French the Llama, five hundred forty dollars?" So, Hank, as much as I wish it were, this five hundred forty dollars is not my money, it's Nerdfighteria's money, so I have to ask you, Nerdfighters, where you want this money to go. My inclination is to donate it to the This Star Won't Go Out project - did you get your bracelet yet, by the way? Get your bracelet - and then do a matching BlogTV show for the Uncultured Project and Save the Children, or we can do it the other way around, or we can do something else entirely, I don't know, it's not my money, it's your money, so let me know what we should do with it in comments.

Thank you, James, for negotiating with your vet to make your cat's surgery so freaking cheap.

Nerdfighteria, thank you for all that you do to decrease World Suck from your own communities all the way to Bangladesh, thank you for being awesome, Hank, I will see you (pulls out a sing-a-ma-jig and plays it) huh?