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In which Hank asks a lot of questions...most of which are unanswerable. But, those happen to generally be the most interesting and even useful questions to ask. And I'm very curious about why that is. He talks some about The Rocky Horror Glee show, which, if you're wondering, he liked about 50% of the time, which is a pretty low percentage in his television viewing experience. And he talks about Fable 3, which is giving him a pretty hard time these days...keeping him up late trying to save his citizens from almost certain doom. Seriously, he think he's going to have to play it through again from the start to get everyone to live.


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Good morning, John.

So I've been thinking a lot, and you know that's trouble. Been thinking things like,

"If no cows can dance, then can some cows want to dance?"

and "can a person ever really be free from their upbringing?"

and "why is it so easy and in some ways so rewarding to play video games"

and "if the citizens of [something] want their children to be educated today but that may mean that they will all die in a year's time should I ignore their needs now in order to protect them in the future and if I do that am I really being evil?"

and "what do you think would happen if the giraffe love shirt were on sale at like Target or Hot Topic? Would a bunch of non-nerdfighters be wearing it?"

and "what the heck am I going to be for Halloween?"

and "if Mr. Schuester was going to be Rocky and Rachel was going to be Janet, then how would the Toucha Touch number really have gone?" Seems like a pretty gaping plot hole that Mr. Schuester was like "I'll be Rocky and you, sixteen year old girl, you can be Janet."

and "would I be a different person if I didn't ask so many question?"

and "what does it mean that social structures among young people are so often predicated upon trying really really hard to appear to not be trying?"

and "what is the world going to be like in twenty years, and more importantly what are the vlogbrothers going to be like in twenty years?" Worst-case scenario, John, you are writing vampire novels and I'm in Vegas every afternoon playing a lounge show at Cesar's Palace. Thirty minutes off the strip, singing to five people in the audience who have no idea who I am.

(singing) "A quark is a fundamental constituent of matter -- hey, thanks for coming out -- observed in 1968 through deep electric scatter."

Best-case scenario looks, it looks a lot like this. We're making videos that are informational and educational and enter...tational. Let's shoot for that. Also going back to some of my earlier questions, I just got Fable 3, which for those of you who don't know is an action-adventure-roleplaying video game thing, and just before I went and got Fable 3 I asked Nerdfighteria on Facebook and on Twitter. I said, "I am seriously considering going to buy Fable 3. Should I do that, despite the fact that I probably will then spend the next three weeks of my life untidy and unproductive and unloved and unwashed?" And the overwhelming response was YES YES HANK OF COURSE YES DO IT DO IT DO IT doitdoitdoitdoit.

And I'm confused about that. I thought that you people wanted me to make entertaining videos and write funny songs and gesture wildly at the camera. And I can't do that if I'm trying to save the citizens of Albion from some oily black menace. So why, not that if you didn't want me to I wouldn't have bought it, of course I would've. One thing is that being nerdy is important to my job, if you consider this my job. And nerds have to play video games, it's a law of nature. But I'm curious about the lure of video games and what makes them so spectacularly interesting and awesome.

And we all know that video games are a simplification of real life, but I think that's what's so compelling about them because real life is complicated. Video games give us goals and you know when you've failed and when you've succeeded. In real life that's pretty rare. Especially as you get older, everything that you do is a combination of success and failure. There is no absolute success and failure. There is no moment at which you complete a mission and say "ah, I am done, thank you."

'Cause the mission is never complete because the mission is your life and it only completes when you die. So when I'm playing video games it is intensely comforting. But that doesn't mean that there's something really remarkable and awesome about the ambiguity of real life. It's just not as comfortable and soothing and relaxing.

Also this is the last day that you can pre-order the giraffe love shirt. It's officially the best-selling shirt in DFTBA Records history. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud that my design currently holds that title.

Oh just look at them they're so adorable all they want to do is love each other for a very short and terrifying amount of time before the dude runs off and shags a bunch of dudes.

As for what I'm going to be for Halloween, I am sorry, I am not going to be Rocky. I am not going to be Dr. Frank. I'm not even going to be Phineas Gage, which I thought about trying to do for a long time but gave up on it. If there are any nerdfighters who are going to be Phineas Gage I want pictures.

I am going as Dexter. Nerdfighters in the comments please let me know what you thought of Glee and what you are going to be for Halloween. And if you don't, I won't kill you. Unless I suspect that you're a murderer. And that you're going to kill more people in the future.

John, I will see you on Wednesday.