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In which John and Hank discuss their love, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, and ab strength, among other topics. See Hank on tour:
How to Vote in Every State:

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J: Good morning Hank, it’s tu- He’s here.  How do you like the poster behind you, by the way?

H: It’s pretty cool... lotta abs

J: It’s Question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. We’re a little tired but we’re gonna get right to it. How much do you love each other? 

H: Oh- 

J: Yeah- 

H: Mhm- 

J: I mean..

H: That’s a lot of question.

J: It’s fine.. Hank is there a secret code in the building pages of an absolute remarkable thing? There are these little boxes and squares that top some of the buildings and dashes in other places, it seemed intentional or am I just overthinking this?

H: You’re overthinking that.

J: There are no-uhh Easter eggs at all inside the end papers.

H: Didn’t say that.

J: What?!

H: Hey John, how do I vote in every State?

J: Oh! You should probably look at Hank Green’s amazing project: How To Vote In Every State. I so admire that, like in the two weeks before your book came out, you were working on How To Vote In Every State.

H: (laughs) I had a lot of help.

J: If you need to learn how to register, you need to know the voting laws in your state, you need help understanding how to vote: just check it out.

H: Simple ballots, all the stuff, polling places.

J: Everything.

H: Monica asks, what’s next for the two of you?

J: Bed.

H: What’s johns favourite quote from Hank’s book and Hank’s favourite quote from John’s book?

J: Oh definitely my favourite quote from your book is: “I had a very happy childhood but I was not a very happy child.”

H: The one I stole from you. Well, I’ll tell you my favourite quote from a John Green book-

J: Yeah?

H: Is “that imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia.” Which is really good.

J: And I stole from my wife. I did give Hank permission

H: I did- I asked.

J: For the record.

J: What characters in An Absolutely Remarkable Thing are you guys most similar to? April aaand Andy.

H: What do I wanna be most similar to?

J: April and Andy.

H: There’s some glitter on your face, I’m sorry.

J: Oh it’s from the, it’s from the poster and I’m not gonna apologise for it.

H: Alright, well I’ll just leave it there.

J: Also, I was snuggling with Alice and she is always just, like, covered in glitter.

J: Hey Hank, if you were a tortoise which one would you be?

H: I think I’d be the kind that eats a lot of carrots. Do you think there’s like some tortoises that some tortoises think are really like, hyper fast tortoises? And they’re like-

J: Yeah!

H: Dude, Larry, chill!

J: Yeah, God Larry, enough! We get it. You can put your head out of the shell, you can put your head into the shell. Calm down!

H: He a-ate like a whole carrot this hour!

J: Now that you’re both the Author One, what will be your one word differential?

H: I’m the Science One and he’s the Old One.

J: Who is better at signing their name? Faster (points at himself). Significantly more attractive signature (points at Hank).

J: Strawberry Jelly or Blueberry Jelly?

Both: Grape Jelly.

H: There’s more glitter, there’s some right here.

J: It’s fine, I mean, it’s just part of being Alice’s dad. 

J: Why isn’t there Absolutely Remarkable Thing merch?

H: There is! It’s at

J: What are you doing?

H: Just eeing how far I can go.

J: You know what, go all the- this is it. This is the last shot of the video.

H: Aghh (kind of laughing) 

J: Hank, I’ll see you on Friday.

H: Ow. (slight laughing)

J: You alright?

H: Yeah. (chuckling)

J: Oh hello there, that wasn’t actually the last shot of the video. Greetings from the future! Two things: first, even though my part of the Absolutely Remarkable Thing tour has ended, you should still go see Hank. He’s great! And secondly, this Sunday I will be profiled on the American television show 60 Minutes, so if you’re interested, you should check it out.

J: This is Quadragacon 2018.

H: (laughing)

J: it’s just about core strength.

J: Oh god..  nope nope nope (Hank laughing)