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In which Hank discusses Musharraf and Cheney, and the complications of travel blogging.


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A Bunny
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Good morning John, it's Tuesday, November 6th.

Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap!

It's like ten and I haven't done my video! NNNEEEEEHHHHHH NO! Hank's friend: I just want to be famous, Hank!

I just want to be famous! They never leave me alone! Making videos is significantly harder on the road especially when you're staying at lots of friends' houses because they're expecting you to be in the kitchen, hanging out.

But you have to do a video, and they hear you talking in here, and they're like, "Who the fuck is he talking to?" But then they realize that I'm talking to you, John. I talk to you. It's also hard when you forget to bring your video camera to downtown Seattle because you spend all day seeing awesome things that you cannot videotape because you left it at your friend's house and you locked yourself out and so you couldn't make your video until like ten o'cock at night.

So this is why this video's going to be halved. John, thanks for the update about Pakistan. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you're talking about.

I-I'm really sorry about that, but I don't. It's confusing. So if you could give me a little bit more information about what's going on in Pakistan, and who this bad guy is, and why he's so bad?

I think that both I and the nerdfighters would appreciate that. And we would also appreciate it if you would do it while consuming some kind of inedible item. For example, these gourmet pretzels that you get on all Airtram flights.

In fact, it's all you get! If your flight is seventeen hours long, they will offer you more packages of gourmet pretzels! Instead of something of any substance they will give you more of these!

They have so many. They're happy to share with you these little packets of desiccated doom! On a more domestic front, I think that George Bush also looked deep into the soul of Dick Cheney and saw a really good person.

But I think maybe he was wrong, which is one of the reasons that I support the impeachment of Dick Cheney. I think there are also about three hundred and twenty-eight other reasons why I support the impeachment of Dick Cheney? But that's one of them.

Also, because we can't really impeach George Bush before we impeach Dick Cheney? Because I think that would be a bad trade. We got do Dick first, then Bush, and then I don't--I don't know who comes after that.

That's something else I'd like you to clear up for me: Who comes next? If you kick both the president and the vice president out of office. I just looked it up.

It's speaker Nancy Pelosi! That's totally worth it! At least we kicked both of them out and have Nancy Pelosi take over for everybody.

This doesn't taste very good. Like worse than the pretzels. Okay John, I'm cutting this a little bit short, so I gotta go.

I will see you tomorrow! Title teases! Polished rareness, phallic lotion, floundered hustler, infallibly loud.

Search hard; it might be a tight fit under there.