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We know that education is a solution to a lot of world suck. Great, I'm all for knowledge unless it is shame-laden lies. Too often sex education has become just that, shame, dishonesty, abuse of power, personal opinion, and malpractice. This week's episode shares some of the many, many sex ed horror stories I've heard and hopes to increase awareness about the problem and work more toward the solutions. Sexplanations is certainly a solution and I'm extremely grateful to the community that funds our endeavor on Subbable. The more funding, the more content, the less world suck. Thank you!

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I've been feeling really angry lately because of the horrific state of sex education and to make it worse I prompted Tumblr with the question, "Anyone care to share their sex-ed horror stories with me?"


Let's start with inkling139 who was taught orgasm equals ejaculation, which is why men want sex but women don't. Mmm teacher, do you mean that if I don't expel fluids I'm not experiencing an orgasm, so why bother having sex? One: Orgasms do not equal ejaculation for any sex or gender. It's possible to orgasm without ejaculation and it's possible to ejaculate and not orgasm. Two: Orgasm is not the only reason to have sex. And three: Lots of men don't want sex and lots of women do.

Then there's education sarahpthecake got: "That's the clitoris; don't worry about it". Let's try this instead: the clitoris is part of the female reproductive system that looks like this, and it is located here.

flarpfreak said, "When I was in school I had a sexual education teacher who insisted that all queer people were molested as children and that that's why they're queer [frustration sound]. Four huge problems here: One: Abusing power as an educator to pass personal theory as fact. Two: Ignoring the experiences of others as evidence to the contrary. Three: Lying. And four: Putting into question the sexual orientation and/or sexual abuse histories of all children, queer and otherwise.

emilykval's teacher told her class menstrual cramps don't really hurt that much. Menstrual cramps, also known clinically as dysmenorrhea, are defined by the Mayo Clinic as throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen. When you minimize that pain you're not sparing anyone from being afraid, you're discounting the experience and perpetuating confusion about what is happening to their bodies...Don't do that

Okay a little bit more menstrual stuff, taytayisme was taught that if there weren't pads or tampons available when you get your period, you need to stuff tissue in your self and throw your underwear away. NOOOO. Tissues and toilet paper are not designed to be put in or taken out of the vagina; doing so can easily cause a vaginal infection. If you need something quick, you can fold toilet paper in to a makeshift pad, not a makeshift tampon. As for the underwear, cold water and soap can remove stains, if they don't, there are dozens of tricks online.

brianjumps was ... informed... that condoms are porous and at best they are inconsistent at preventing pregnancy and do nothing to prevent HIV. That's not true! They're 98% effective when users follow directions.

existentialdreamer said, "A specialist visits my high school every year and tells students that condoms can give you STDs". GIVE YOU? This cannot give you STDs unless it has been previously used. Kids, please tell your teachers that this is a single-use-only product.

the-garden-variety-gatsby was told that the true love of marriage would protect them from STIs [sighs]. You know, I just, I did a whole episode about this.

bitethebubble said "In my system we have this debate on whether or not teens should be allowed to have sex, and the only argument from the pro-side my teacher would accept was exercise." There's that and this list of benefits:

ngjenkins [behind the camera: "That's me!"] his teacher teacher taught the guys that every time they orgasm the prostate would grow and that this is what caused prostate cancer, so don't masturbate. A research study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that the ejaculation frequency is not related to increased risk of prostate cancer. It's actually hypothesized that the higher levels of androgen, which would increase sex drive and motivate people to masturbate more, are what is putting people at a higher risk for cancer, not the masturbation itself. In fact studies found that later in life, masturbation is actually a form of risk reduction, thought to flush out cancer-causing toxins.

aconnormanning said "In my sex-ed they told me not to masturbate because it would make us infertile". If you tell people that masturbation is going to cause them to be infertile, and they masturbate, then are they thinking that this is a form of birth control, and they can later have unprotected sex? 'Cause no. Fear tactics, denial, shame, lying, discounting experiences and feelings - it's horrific.

What do you think? Also will you please share your positive experiences of sex education in the comments to remind me that there's a lot of awesome out there too? Stay curious.