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It's been a fantastic year for us here at Sexplanations. But that doesn't mean that things always went smoothly. ENJOY!
0:00 I've been asked many times
0:01 even stopped on the street
0:03 with the question
0:04 "What advice do you have for talking to chil- "
0:07 We're off to a great start
0:09 [Sexplanations cough]
0:10 [upbeat music]
0:15 Animal words like gorilla, lizard, zebra and kangaroo... bleh
0:22 Why does this feel so awkward to me? 
0:23 Which I would say are the sex must term.. blaah
0:27 Okay more period stuff, tay tay i- blblbleh
0:31 Let's test your professionalism here, Nick
0:35 Yeaah [off-screen: okay so I'm wide?] Yup.
0:37 Do I look weird? Like I'm uncomfortable with myself
0:40 Then there's also heteronormative language- Hetero arararah
0:45 [off-screen: ermahgeerd] 
0:48 I don't know how I'm going to do this, Nick
0:51 You must be excited! That's normal- oh, this is not
0:54 What is the deal with overlooking female sexuality? Homosexuality? 
1:01 [sigh] Can we just have a make up vlogger move here? and make everything better.
1:13 [noises] move move move, do something
1:17 Lots of people do and don't want things.. I think you added that part. [off-screen: I did] Ha I was like "I don't know what this is but I'm just gonna read it anyway 
1:27 Give you?! [off-screen laughter]
1:33 Do you actually work? Ha! You do.
1:42 [laughing] 
1:46 In your video on the gender map you mentioned "mtm" and "ftm" 
1:52 I don't know your body, but my guess is that our ureth- Our urethra? Interesting, Lindsey.
1:59 I want to eat this apple I am so hungry. That wasn't sexy..
2:10 We try again 
2:12 Can fingernails or fingertips- what are you asking and then I'm just gonna *makes sounds*
2:18 Penis possessing people planning to penetrate.
2:23 What do I wanna say? 
2:25 [off-screen: Penis possessing people] In the 69 position, penis possessing people planning to penetrate are not on top.
2:35 Here's the thing, you still need to use protection, be sober, communicate, and pht .. out of practise.. do it again
2:45 I'm Mahna Mahna [off-screen: do do do do do. wow that was out of tune]
2:49 I'm a girl and it feels like I'm going to pee sometimes when my boyfriend gives me oral sex 
2:55 No it's actually pretty common, especially with the advent of- No, it's actually pretty common, especially with the advent of websides
3:08 Terrible
3:09 What's this? What's this? What's this? What's this? I should probably have those things in my hands.
3:14 *incoherent mumbling*
3:27 His teacher taught the guys that every time they orgasm the prostate would grow and that this woos... What do you think?