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At the end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, credits role for quite a while and behind the names of the amazing people who contributed to the film is the Marauder's Map with active footprints. At one point there are two sets of footprints positioned face-to-face in what some call a blow-job position. I wanted to show that this is indeed very possible so in the spirit of giving, we've created a flavorful 100th episode.

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Special thanks to Nicholas Jenkins and Matthew Gaydos, without whom this video would have less fun.
You find more Matthew on his channels: matthewgaydos and dftba
(0:00)Welcome to the one hundredth episode of Sexplanations. (0:03)We're going to do something fun today, and answer a question that (0:06)I'm curious about.


(0:09)So this post, captioned "Blowjobs in the Dungeon," (0:12)has gone  completely viral on Tumblr and Reddit and as of this moment has (0:16)almost six-hundred thousand "Likes" or (0:18)reblogs.

I'll rewind a bit to show how the footprints work. (0:21)They show; "Everyone. Where they are. What they're doing. (0:24)Every minute, of every day."

And they (0:26)don't necessarily indicate whether the person is on the (0:28)ground or hovering above it.

(0:29)Surprisingly to me, comments are not anti-witch/wizard fornication, (0:33)but rather that this is not what blowjobs would actually look like.

(0:36)I've asked a friend of mine to represent a second set of footprints. (0:39)We're going to match up our feet with the map image and (0:42)determine whether or not a blowjob, or any other sexual intimacy for that matter,(0:45) is indeed possible in this scenario.

(1:11)Mischief managed.

(1:14)Stay curious.

(1:16)Thanks Matt.