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In which Stan Muller manages to mess up lines, crack jokes, and tell a heart-wrenching story about Russell the Butt Muscle.

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CC Kids:

Stan: The statute of limitations has likely run out, so take that, Recording Industry Association of America!  In your face. 

What is that?  Gahhh!

It is.  This isn't an ego-driven game for me, Mark, it's--it's about teaching. 

Talking dictionary: FEE-dris or FEH-dris (two pronunciations of the same word)

Stan: FEE-dris, I like your style.

Imagining the Guggenheim or a mime routine as writing can feel like a stretch.

Zulaiha, how's your French pronounciation? 

Zulaiha (off screen): Frah-nce.

Stan: Frah-nce.

Where's the joke?

Shh (pop!) (everyone laughs)

...down the barrel... these things are awesome. 

This is so interesting to me.  This--all this stuff is just fascinating.  Okay.

...from those works are transformative uses that make the Google Bucks--Google Bucks?  I'm all about the Google Bucks. 

If CT's got anything to say about it, it's not happenin'.  Clarence Thomas.  I doubt he's got anything to say about it, but.

What do you think, Justice Thomas?  Can't you say anything?

And that's a transformative use if I've ever heard one. 

Come on, man.  Oh, I thought you sat on your phone, I was gonna say, you gotta be careful about bendgate.

A teacher said you couldn't copy your school reports out of the encyclopedia.  Pfft.  BS. 

Mark (off screen): Is that what it was?

Stan: Nah, it was her.  What was her name?  Uh... The Fifth Element is Leeloo. 

The fourth factor addresses the effect--that was spitty.  Spit-take.  Pff.

So this stuff, these four factors are meaningful, but eh, whatever.  What the hell kind of law is just suggestions?  (laughing)

Mark: well... it's really awful.

Stan- You know, follow your heart. Kay? (laughing off screen) You get out there and follow your heart and progess knowledge and science.

...but copyright owners tend to argue that courts have expanded the breadth of fair use too far and the these best practices guides are bull sh*t.

Take not from others to... sh*t. Take no sh*t from others, alright? Stick up for yourself for once.

Ironically, patent leather's patent has expired.

Magic 8 ball: "If you're not an idiot, probably." Hmm.

You're just in full panic mode. Like, you're just trying to get through this and get out of here... and leave us to sink with the ship. (shew), this is going to be a disaster.

There are three (clears throat, burps) oh man, what did that sound like in the mic? 'Cause that was a deep-chest burp.

Will we see you next week? Reply hazy. You're young people, accidents happen.

Often, these are the plants that are resistant to certain herbicides (pronounced h). Herbicides, come on. I like herbs and spices... that's how they say it in Canada isn't it?
I'm sticking with herbicides.
Mark (off screen): Yeah, herbicides?
Stan: I keep saying it. I should say herbicides (silent h) but I don't think I can stop.

I realized everything... was futile.

Patents don't last forever, the term of protection for utility patents is 20 years measured from the date of filing, it's ridiculous that I would scratch my face in the middle of that line.

Let's talk about that in the thought bubble. I shouldn't wink. (laughs) You know what I'm talkin' about.

...requiring huge patent porfolios... porfolios, come on guys.

Huge patent bortfolios. Bortfolios. I like it...

Mark (off screen): yeah, you should start now.

Stan: Trademarks are (burps) oh no.

The guy who has @stan is very irritating to me.

Russell the butt muscle, that was the name of a poor kid named Russell in my middle school.
Mark: (laughing) Are you serious?
Stan: Yeeeeah.
Mark: That's terrible.
Stan: I know, his life's probably been awful. He never - I mean he didn't have many advantages coming into it, and then people would call him Russell the butt muscle. It was wrong, I thought, but I didn't have the guts to stick up for him. 

Those videos where they just open toys. (laughing) I think those are ridiculous.

Stan: The number is incresed from about 129,822 URLs per week. What the hell?

Judging from the comments you guys posted, a lot of you hate it. Also a lot of you think I'm fat. Thanks. I hadn't noticed.

Exclusive rights are the best way to promote the public interest. Did I look scared?
Mark: Scared?
Stan: Yeah, I was afraid.