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Time for another Bad Astronomy break.

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Phil Plait: That is volcanoes where water and ammonia take the place of--of--you know, lava here.  (laughter) 


We call ours THE Moon, with a capital 'M', nrhhh, with the--I was gonna do quotes and then changed my mind in the middle so now it's--(laughter)--okay.

It's about 20-something-hundred kilometers thick--22?  2250.  I'll say 22.  Alright.

Hoping to use this to gather information about the planet's atmosphere, starlight passed through it.  (chokes)

Kept molten by Jupiter's--uh.  Jupiter.  Where?  I was looking right at Saturn, and I said Jupiter.  Wow.

And it's shockingly bright when you see it.  In fact, a--ge--

That's breakfast the Gergich way.

It rotates so slowly that (stumbles)

It's about 13,000--ahh, phbbt.  I phbbtwent 13,000, sorry, little Daffy Duck thing there going on.

What I say as the plate moves. (whispers) The plate the plate the plate 

And Barcon or Horseshoe shaped cr-uh horseshoe shaped crabs was what I was about to say. (laughter)

If you were above the Earth's north pole looking down.. (laughter)

That's what may have created the bugle? May have misspelled bulge (laughter)

Why why why why why did he why

And new observations so (stumbles)

Uranus's weird tilt is one of the many mysteries that astronomers are still trying to solve with limited data (runs out of breath)

With classic imaginative astronomers imaginative? (laughter) classic imaginative?


Like, it's the only one. Or the only or th-the (fades off)

I have to look concerned. This is my concerned face.

(man in background):Why? (Phil):Why not? (laughter)

Saturn is weird. (girl in background):Why? (Phil):No weird. (laughter)

It's not be a matter of if? (chuckle) That's a good tyko. A good tyko? A good tyko! (man in background): Wow. (laughter)

Zoink! (chuckle) I used to look like Shaggy a lot actually when I was trying to grow my beard. (laugh)

About a third of the Earth's width.. (man in background): 4900 got weird. (Phil): Everything got weird. It all got really weird. You made it weird.

So seasons on Uranus are pretty extreme by outer solar system standards (stumbles and makes noises)

To look at what conditions for life are like now and once we're in the past (runs out of breath) (laughter)

Aw I got a twitchy cheek. That will show up really well in the close up. (makes bubble noises)

Slow bubbling leaks of lava from the interia of the planet.. From the interia? From the interia. (man in background): From the interia! (Phil):The human torneda (laughter)

Into huge.. (smacks)

Hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of th-tha-ousands! (laughter)

I'm gonna make-let's see what happens. There's no telling what I'll say next. (laughter)

Burka! Turtan! (laughter from background followed by): Turtan? (Phil):Ermagerd turtan! Ermagerd goosebumps.

CrashCourse Astronomy is produced in association with PBS Digital Studios. Head over to their channel for even more awesome videos--I am actually trying not to burp (man in back): (laughs) I noticed that's exactly what it's-- (Phil):Yeah

Head to their channel to discover (stutters)

It was directed by Nicolas Jenkins. The scroopsa the scrioopsa (laughter) This is hopeless! You know what nobody made this. It spontaneously generated out of the ether.

If we ever have a colony on Mercury, it's gonna be a mess. (man in back): Don't think we will. (Phil): Plus they're all gonna be on fire all the time, they'll just be screaming. How you guys doing? We're on fire!! (chuckle)