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Eli showing off his new sword collection. Reminder: Send him a fully stocked first aid kit STAT.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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It's all taken care of, as promised: Two tickets, Captain Kronos and the Creeping Flesh, midnight showing, of course, (boom) on the big screen.

(0:10) I'm really excited. I think I peed a little. ...Or the chair was wet when I already sat down. I hope it's the latter.

(0:17) Anyway, I haven't seen The Creeping Flesh since we were like, ten, and I don't even think we saw the ending of it, because you got so mad when Peter Cushing made the anti-evil vaccine that you just started shouting: "That's not how vaccines work! That's not how vaccines work!" until your dad woke up.

(0:32) Oh, speaking of The Baron, remember how your dad wanted to start that neighborhood watch? Well, ahoy there, arrrrrr! He actually took this off of a kid! Isn't that crazy? Remember William, that eight-year old? He was carrying this thing around, isn't that insane?

(0:46) (Imitating a Pirate accent) The craftsmanship is mighty fine.

(0:51) (Back to normal) I'd hate for it to go to waste... might just have to loooose it.

(0:57) Speaking of losing touch with people, guess who says hi-- Justine! Yes, that's right, I ran into my ex at the grocery store, um, and we might actually see each other again. We exchanged numbers: well, I mean, I still had her number in my phone, but she needed to re-enter mine. But she did re-enter it, which is a good sign.

(1:20) This thing is really heavy, you know? (Accent) I wonder where that scallywag got it. (Normal voice) I bet you I could find out, harrrrr. 

(1:27) So the theater is ten minutes from campus, I figure I'll go to your place or to the lab, meet you there, whatever. Probably the lab.

(1:35) Oh, and if you talk to Robert, will you tell him to upload some pictures already? I mean, what is the point of scaling a glacier if you're not going to post photos that you can caption with "glacier: I am scaling you"? I'll tell you what the point is: there is no point.

(1:50) See you soon.

(1:52) (Frankenstein, MD closing music)