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Last time I answered my own very astute questions, but now I'm going to answer some of yours. Time to put on my science hat (well, one of them...) and exchange some knowledge!

Tweet me your questions at @IggyDeLacey and use the hashtag #AskIggy

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Hey there internet! It's Iggy Delacy. Last time I answered my own, very astute, questions but this time I'm going to answer yours. But only if they're equally as astute.
Now, where's my science hat? Ah! There we go. Now I feel prepared for knowledge exchange. Let's do this!

 First Question (00:16)

Our, uh, first questions comes from @miriamHivory on Twitter:
How long can we survive in space without a space suit?
Planning an extended getaway, Miriam? Just kidding. Thanks for the question. Unfortunately I can't totally recommend exploring the dark void of space without a suit. You'd have no oxygen so you'd lose consciousness after about fifteen seconds. On top of that, the lack of air pressure would cause your blood to literally boil, which I've also been told I do to Earthbound women. And, and then freeze. You'd also bloat up a balloon, which is exactly what happens to me when I have too many potato chips. Cuz once I pop, I can't stop. This process takes under a minute or roughly the time it takes you to curse yourself for going into space without a suit one hundred times.

 Second Question (01:03)

Next question from Bathbomb on Twitter:
What's the coolest disease you've heard of? 
Oh! This one's easy! Helicobacter pylori! No wait! Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease! Erm, but then there's the hantavirus... um, the pathogenesis is super gnarly... oh! But I'm gonna go with toxoplasmosis.
Toxoplasmosis is this crazy disease carried by evil cats where a parasite gets in your brain and makes you unafraid of stuff that you should be afraid of. It affects mice, sea otters, and all the scientists who appear on Shark Week. How it works is the toxo-parasite, we're on a nickname basis cuz we're cool like that, can only make baby parasites in a cat's stomach. When a mouse eats cat feces, the baby parasites travel into his brain and make him completely unafraid of cats. This makes it really easy for the cat to eat the poor little infected mouse and then the vicious cycle of evil cat domination continues! Thirty percent of all people carry this disease! Look to your left! Look to your right! Do they have it? No? Then you do! Assuming you're sitting around some other people. I maybe should have mentioned that. So you better watch out for Whiskers, cuz he's waiting for the day you fall asleep, look the other way, and accidentally swallow his feces. Then, bam! You're infected! And then you have no fear. Afraid of giant slugs? Zombies? Living a meaningless life and then dying never experiencing true love? No? Then you probably have it.

 Final Question (2:27)

Looks like we have time for one last question. This is from @qxzenith on Twitter:
Is Iggy short for something? What is it short for?
Ludwig! Because my parents are jerks and they wanted to banish me to a life of loneliness and celibacy. 
(awkward pause)
Well, that's all for today! Please join me next time for another exciting round of Ask Iggy. Until next time, don't eat cat feces.