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In which Hank celebrates the arrival of HankGames' 15,000th subscriber with a romp through Diagon Alley!
Ahh, it is Hank Green back again with another “Let’s Play”. This time I am playing “Hank Green Plays Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4.”

And we are opening on Privet Drive, of course, because they follow the movies not the books. Though it’s close enough. And Dumbledore “hello”. I love the Lego games, they are adorable. OhMcGonagall… Oh McGonagall! Oh it’s just a kitty. Oh it’s, oh it’s adorable. Give it a rubs, why didn’t you guys give it a rubs? Okay fine, you don’t need to give it a rubs. That’s fine, I don’t need you to give it a rubs.

And we have Hagrid arriving on Sirius’s bike. An awesome entrance if ever I saw one. Oh, I got you these flowers, oh everyone is happy. Where is the baby? There it is. You didn’t squish it at all. Don’t worry, its fine.

Okay, we’re starting in, starting up the shields. Little lightning bolt scar. Oh, so good to have Lego games where it’s just like the graphics don’t matter. Hello Petunia. Petoon. I’m kinda hungry now that you mention it Dudley. You’re such a good boy.

This one’s for me. I’m going to mention how it’s for me in front of everyone so they can give me a hard time.

Hehehe. That’s adorable. Just ignore the fact that anything unusual is happening.

Lick that hubcap. Sorry, that’s what it looked like.

Hogwarts, they have warts and hogs.

And the toaster.

Katherine just got home. I can hear her arriving.

Eat it, eat it Dudley.

No, it’s annoying. It’s going to be okay.

You can see that they say Privet Drive on there.

Hahaha. It’s stuck in the windshield wiper. Get away. Take your little boat. I always wondered like why they had access to this place. Seems like not a very Dursley place to – Hello, my name is Hagrid. Let’s go. I look exactly the same as I did when you were born. That’s not unusual.

And let’s go to London. Double decker buses, people with cameras.

Sounds like Lemon wants to come into my room.

The Magic Begins. We are, where are we? How does this game work? Oi kitty, hi kitty, hi kitty, hi kitty. This game does have kitties. Wait, what? That wasn’t a kitty! That was a person. There is money all over the place. Just getting used to the new game functionality here.

You need a bundle to open this door. See if you can find a bundle, or possibly handle. Now that I think of it, it probably wasn’t bundle. Some chara… you need a handle, yes, handle. Get, get, get up.

Some characters, hey! Bundle.

Some characters use magic spells, press c to switch to Hagrid. C, what is c? This button, this button, this button, whoa! That’s what that button... Hold z to cast a spell.

What’s going on? I’m confused.

I’m, oh, there we go. Good job Harry. What’s c? Are you c? You’re c. That’s how I get to be Harry. Okay. Press z to pick up a highlighted object. Excellent. Is that a bundle? I mean handle?

Excellent. Z. I used it. I did it. I am so good at this game. That person was a kitty once. I liked him better then. Generally always like it better if it’s a kitty.

Okay, switching to Hagrid. Use magic. Ooh! Nice! Don’t use it, he can’t use his magic in the middle of… public like this! Everyone will know. Everyone will know. They will take him away and they will say “No Hagrid you did a thing that was bad,” but not really. And they’ll say “You can’t use your pink thing that way.”

What do I do? Z? Oh there we go. Okay, who would have thought that that would do that? Oh, party time around the table and there’s a leprechaun at the end. Oh! I thought I was just having fun, it turns out that it makes me money.

What about you? Do the hoppy? Okay good. What? Oh? What did you do? I don’t understand. Okay, do the thing, dance around. I don’t know about that.

Okay. Z to cast Wingardium Leviosa. Its leviOsa, not leviosA. Oh, I have to build the wall in Diagon Alley. Oooh, that was neat. Did anybody else think it was neat? Break the things, break it, break it, break it, break, break, break, break.

Hagrid is more interesting than Harry. Hagrid is more interesting than Ha-. What do I do here? Z? Hello? Hello? What am I doing? Are you giving me a thing? Oh, well thank you. Excellent.

This game is built for children, but I enjoy it too. Build it! Build it up! Wow, legoing is so much easier on the computer. Oh, I made a street sweeper. And I’m wearing this. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just want to have a bucket on your head. That’s cool.

Hehehe. It was fun. LeviOsa. Okay. What are we doing? I just made that person levitate. This thing, what’s it doing? Should Harry get on it? Yeah I should. There is a blue one up here. Who is that? Dun-dun-da-dun, I saved a child from being stuck on an awning. The world was finally safe.

Oh, what, that’s doing something. Hey, Harry, get on this. What’s going on? I don’t understand. Potion ingredient? What’s a potion, who’s got the potion ingredient? Press z to put it in the pot-bucket. I did it. What’s that do for me? Okay, and a lollipop. I am making a lollipop potion.

Get it. There is a lot of buttons. I am learning new buttons okay? Don’t think I’m a- Oh good. I blew up all of that stuff. Hey Harry, you get this one. Not that it matters. Only very strong characters can pull on chains. Hagrid looks very strong. I’m going to pull this chain. I’m very strong.

Excellent. Let’s go in this building. It’s Gringotts. You need to pull a chain to get into Gringotts? That doesn’t make any sense. Do it, do the thing. I made a small stack of things out of a-I knocked them over. No matter what I do, it’s good because it gets me stuff, I don’t understand why. And I’m used to being able to control things, but I can’t in this game. I can’t control the perspective of the camera at all, except for a tiny, tiny bit with the D-pad. That’s very strange. Which reminds me of Assassin’s Creed, it’s very, um, very ancient looking, renaissance looking building or before that even. Um, very pretty. Stamp it, stamp it, stamp, stamp, stampity-stamp. Stamp it. I fixed your light bulb. I fixed your light bulb.  I fixed your light bulb. I fixed your friend’s light bulb too. Yeah! There is eight more, I mean, six more because I can do math, yes I can! More light bulbs to fix! Now there are seven more light bulbs to fix! And I fix them all into the dawn so that all the light bulbs will be fixed again and people can see and the dolphins…dolphins? Goblins won’t have to stamp in the dark, oh no. Stamp in the light my friend. Stamp in the light, stamp in the light, stamp in the light my friend.

What’s this? That’s not what I meant to do. This thing. One more! One more! No two more, two more! Uh oh, I only see one more. Oh no, where is the other one? Where is it? I don’t see it. Where is it? Oh, it’s all the way at the end, all the way over here. Stamp in the light. Stamp in the light. Oh, it got me a purple. Purple… Give it. Give it. Yes! Fix you stack, that’s good. And I’m going to press z. Oh, that wasn’t z.

Hey, what’s up? Let’s talk. Let’s have a conversation. I’m Hagrid. I’m big and you’re small. Give me the time of day sir. What is up, mister goblin man? Hey, I brought you Harry Potter, he’s tiny. Not as tiny as you. Eh, no. That’s a chicken, that’s a chicken leg. That’s a Harry Potter key chain. Here is a Harry Potter key chain on a key, that was adorable. Oh so cute! Oh he was drawing a picture. He was very busy drawing pictures. Stamp in the light, stamp in the light, stamp in the light my friends.

Oh, I’m now him. Well, this… I can only make these about 10 minutes long and it’s already about 12… So I need to end this episode of Hank Green Plays Harry Potter, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. And uh… you will see me, but you will not and I will not see you, but you will hear me, next time Hank Green Plays Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. Goodbye.