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Welcome to The Brain Scoop, based out of The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. We're devoted to exploring the behind-the-scenes work of natural history museums and celebrating the diversity of this amazing world. Join us!

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The Brain Scoop is written and hosted by:
Emily Graslie

Created By:
Hank Green

Directed, Edited, Animated, and Scored by:
Michael Aranda

Production Assistant:
Katie Kirby

Filmed on Location and Supported by:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

Translated captions brought to you by Alexander Austin, Lorena Pimentel Villaça, Henrik Johansen, Timo Pähler, Tony Chu, Martina Šafusová, Nur Iskandar Bin Nuruddin, John-Alan Pascoe, Arantzazu R. Alcocer Iturria, Gaia Zaffaroni, Jenny Grøterud, Tony Chu, Adam Wojniłło, Hervé Saint Raymond, Reika Komatsubara, and Seth Bergenholtz. Email us at if you'd like to translate videos into your native language!
Emily: Hi! I'm Emily Graslie. I'm on my way to pick up a wolf that Liz said she was holding for us. A wolf? Um, it's in the freezer. Oh! Sorry. Oh, sorry. Thanks. I accidentally called LensCrafters.

E: Tetrapodal Locomotion.

E: Domestication.

Stefan: Horns!
E: No Stefan. Those are antlers.

E: People going on these expeditions were only permitted two elephants per person. That's still a lot of elephants per person.

E: It's some giant, black wasp thing! Kind of looks like an animal of death.

E: Every time we move the nether regions, we seem to get... a revival of the delicious, rotten egg, dead bacteria smell that keeps coming off of this guy.

E: Smells like...
Adam: Like air?
E: Like angels singing. Smells like quiet.

E: This is an ulna right here, which is part of one of the arm bones.

E: Ready to dump some stink water!

E: OH my GOD! This thing is huge! You're kidding me. That thing is gigantic!
Bill: Check it out! Check it out.
E: That's like a UFO.

E: Let's gut it!

E: I feel fancy.

Rebekah: This is a caterpillar larva. It looks exactly like bird poop.
E: It does look like poop; it's got the white bit and like, the runny parts.

E: There is cottage cheese coming out of a hole.
Anna: Oh, come on, it's like egg custard.
E: I would eat egg custard. I would not lick that.

(Random noises by Emily)

E: Africa! Ancient Americas! Ancient Egypt! Asia! Botany! We've got dinosaurs! Early hominids! Ice Age mammals! Meteorites! Award winning bathrooms!

Zebra: Brain Scoop!

Corrie: They actually have to find another individual who has a good, healthy gut community, and lick the rear end of their sister.
E: Oh my god.

E: It still has brains on it.