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In which John Green pieces together some clues, and maybe leaves a few also.


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Good morning Hank, it's Friday. Hank, I feel that something momentous has happened in my life, but I'm a little bit fuzzy on the details. So I think that we should just go to the tape and try to piece together the events of the last 24 hours. OK, that's me and I'm wearing the same shirt so it was probably yesterday. Coulda been the day before, but probably yesterday. OK, it's dark, uh, oh I think I see the outline of a couple heads, I know those people those are my friends. Those are my friends. Hank, I was out with my friends last night. I wonder if I was having fun last night? [shot of John] YES! NERDFIGHTERS! Yep, looks like I was having fun. It's coming back. Last night was our going-away party from New York. Maybe there's a clue in my pants. It's evil baby Stalin! And who's this little guy? I think it's evil baby Hitler. Thanks to New York Times reporter and my high school friend Cam Robertson for those amazing illustrations. Hank, I don't know about you, but that makes me want Cam to do the illustrations for the Evil Baby Orphanage book if and when it exists. In other news: I'm officially a home owner. That's good, and scary. Hank, I don't wanna be like a new mother about the house and constantly showing you pictures of it and stuff, but here's some pictures of it. Look at the kitchen! It's so nice! And then you go upstairs and that's the loft. I like a lot. I'm very fond of it. And actually behind the loft there's the secret room. Hank, it's like Webster's house. What do you think, maybe 18-20% of our viewers have ever seen an episode of Webster? Here's the finished basement. Here's the ghost of the Yeti. Here's the master bedroom. I think it's a great house, Hank, and I hope that you will come visit us because we have carved out a bedroom that is just for you. Oh hey, by the way, you wanna know something really interesting I've learned while moving? I own a lot of tote bags. I'm like the tote bag fairy. Anyway Hank, I'm gonna give all these tote bags away in My Pants. And I'll see you tomorrow.