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In which Hank fails at his goal of killing a Borgia Captain...but succeeds fantastically at killing lots of other people.
Alright, I am back and you will remember that I just killed my target using the assassin recruits. Uh, some slave trader who had his arm chopped off by Cesare, I killed him. Now I'm interacting with a pigeon coop because it's sparkly and that's what I do.
You just recruited a new potential assassin, Annetta Abete has been added to my Assassin's Guild. Awesome. You have been awarded a new Assassin Signal. A new Signal is awarded for the first, fourth, and sixth Recruit added to the Assassin's Guild. Signals are subtracted when Recruits die or are sent away on contracts. Okay.
Assassins: View and manage my assassins, okay, we've got Annetta, and we've got Bianca. Sweet, nice. They have awesome outfits and they seem to be pretty nice looking young ladies. Actually, they seem to look remarkably similar... um, but not exactly. Contracts, oh I can send them on contracts! Oh I'm, I'm not just an assassin now I'm, like, in charge. That's awesome.
Okay, I don't know what I was doing I just don't really know, don't really know. Doing little missions, you know, being a... gonna call my horse. Okay, get out of this guy's way. Oh, hello horsey, hi. Hi, let's go. I'm not entirely sure where we're goi- death by trample! Oh, I love the horses.
Let's look at, let's look at where I am right now. Where am I? What's this? Romulus Treasure? Maybe I should so a Romulus Treasure. I might do a Romulus Treasure, let's do it. Map. Oh, it's also in the middle of a Borgia Tower so that'll be extra work, but it will totally be worth it! I don't need the horse anymore, thank you, horsey, very much for your services; I will never, ever kill you, I promise. I only kill people, it's how I operate. Can I climb this? Yes, I can.
Ooh, that's quite a few of you, quite a few. Where's the back door? Doo do doo, oh, you didn't see me? (laughs) Oh! I was surprised. Ay, good, um... continuing on my entrance via stealth into this place because stealth is the way to do it, man. Borgia Captain is over there, those two guys are right there.
Uh oh, who saw me? That guy? Just that guy, alright. I think maybe I will attempt to assassinate with this! Oh, Jeez, that was... I just ran right into him. Okay, good.
I called my assassin, oh there you go, fri- ooh, funny noise that she made. Good job, where are you going now? Okay. Well, this guy's in a creepy place. Oh... no, I'm not here. There's nobody here, clearly! Why would you think that there's... (He's not there) That's right. (Did he just disappear?) Yep, that's what I did.
Oh, there's more, I didn't see them. I'm going to enjoy this. Oh in the hip, in the face, and then you...! Oh, OH the hammer is cruel. 
What, he's fleeing? What? Oh God, he's, they're so, they're so skittish. Ow, ah I'm never going to catch him. Not going to catch him, he's totally escaping. Oh, man I was so c- agh, I hate when I accidentally run up things. Yep, he's gone, he's so gone. Oh Jeez! Yup, yup. What are you people doing? Okay, well I'm gonna kill some people, so, starting with you. 
Oh, man, that's just, for some reason seems much more disturbing than the, ohh, the crunching of the bones! Oops, oh God, get out of the way! Oh, I think I may have killed a person. I'm really sorry about that, lady. Oh man, that couldn't have gone worse.
Okay, well I totally failed at killing that Borgia Captain because I always fail at killing a Borgia Captain first time. Every time! Uhh, I did really good at first but then I sucked it up. So, I think we're going to end that episode here because I'm feeling a little down on myself for, uh, failing so hard, and you will not see me, I will not see you, you will hear me next time on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0. Goodbye.