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In which John delivers the semi-annual-ish report on the Bank of Nerdfighteria's health and various projects, including both of its Charlie McDonnell-like arms, the lending arm and the giving arm. Also, John takes you on a trip in his new Chevy Volt (yay!) to the dentist (boo!).

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Good Morning Hank. It's Tuesday. It's extremely early because I have to go to the dentist this morning to find out if I need a root canal. Spoiler Alert: Probably.

So Hank, I'm coming to you today wearing a suit and a Holden Caulfield hat because it's time for the bank of Nerdfighteria quarterly report, which is more of an annual report these days but with the Project for Awesome coming up, it's important. So Hank, the bank of Nerdfighteria is like Charlie McDonnell, it has two arms. Also it's so nice and generous and talented and handsome– right so first we have the giving arm. The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck was originally set up in 2007 to do a mixture of things like sending nerdfighters to their first concerts and like trying to address global poverty. But since 2008 we've been more focused on like the global poverty end of the spectrum because, you know, it's more important.

After last year's Project for Awesome, the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck donated more than $80,000 to five charities chosen by the YouTube community. Which is awesome except it means that after that we were broke. Since then we've been refilling the coffers. This year we have $15,000 currently in the bank, plus an additional $60,000 in pledges. So it should be bigger than last year. Now to the lending arm! Oh but I should mention Nerdcrafteria. One of the reasons we have $15,000 is because is because of the Nerdfighter Minecraft server. Which makes me think about something important, but I have to go to the dentist, so you are coming too. You didn't think you were going to the dentist today, but you were wrong.

[In the Chevy Volt] Shh. Do you hear that Hank? No you don't, because it's electric. Boogie woogie woogie woogie.

[walking] Nerdfighteria used to be a YouTube based phenomenon but now there are so many places to be a nerdfighter, there's Nerdcrafteria, there's the Adult Nerdfighter group on Facebook, countless location specific Facebook groups, [in dentist office] there's the nerdfighters of the Ning and of the new forum, our pants, there's the nerdfighters subreddit on Reddit, the nerdfighters VYou group [in dentist chair] and there's the effyeahnerdfighters Tumblr and Tumblr more generally and there's probably tons of others that I don't even know about and then there's the nerdfighters of Kiva. [dental drilling]

[outside] No root canal! Yet.

[in car] I knew you would come through for me, people hunting hat. All right, let's talk about Kiva.

[in home] Kiva's a website that allows regular people to make loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world, giving those people access to banking, which otherwise they wouldn't have. When we last checked in with the nerdfighter Kiva group they had just passed one million dollars in loans and right now we are about to pass 1.6 million dollars. As you can see here– As you [Henry squealing, laughter] As you can see here on our total amount loaned, we're on a roller-coaster that only goes up.

But the coolest thing about is that if you aren't a member yet, right now you can click the link in the doobly-doo and you can make your first loan for free. Not only that, but the person who invites you gets to make a free loan, which in this case is Paul, a nerdfighter from Arizona who won a raffle. But in the past that person has often been me, which is why I've been able to loan more than $64,000. So having made more than 2,000 Kiva loans, what percentage of those people have so far paid me back? 100%. Hank, I've loaned $64, 775 and so far I've lost $7 due to currency fluctuations in south Sudan. I got to help $64,000 worth of businesses around the world grow and it cost me $7.

So Hank, that's my report the lending arm is going like gangbusters and the giving arm is ready for the Project for Awesome. So Hank, as I said before there are now so many places to be a nerdfighter that the Project for Awesome isn't just a YouTube thing anymore, it's an internet thing. But YouTube is still the core of it, so nerdfighters, make a video about a charity that you feel passionately about, upload it on Monday at noon Eastern. Hank, I will see you on Friday!

[Henry squealing, John laughs] He sounds like a dental drill.