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Let's make the world better with the Project for Awesome though:

If you don't know what I'm talking about


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Good morning, John. Does this count as a video?

The thing is that there's nothing to say. I don't know anything... I think I'm gonna have to come back tomorrow... and make a video then.

I'm just trying to remember that the world is a good place and that the number of hugs per gunshot victim is very, very high. Lots of hugs per gunshot.

I was going to make a video today about, um, having friends who have ulcerative colitis and how to treat them, because I just made a video on hankschannel about me having ulcerative colitis — I do — which is a very personal video, but now I don't feel like talking about anything.

As far as, like, analysis or musings or anything like... I got... nothin'. F .

I think everybody feels about the same.

But it is a good time to feel like we're together as humanity, and as the Project for Awesome is coming up, that's nice that we're all ready to work together to make the world suck less. And we can do that. You know? We can make the world better. We can do it in little ways and we can do it in big ways.

And so if you want to participate in that, will be sort of the centralized place — we'll also be having the livestream on vlogbrothers channel — and you want to go there now and sign up for the mailing list if you haven't already. Make sure, if you've signed up for previous years' mailing lists, that doesn't count, so go sign up for the mailing list, and that's how we will be coordinating, so you need to be signed up for that.

Everybody who has the ability to should make a video promoting the charities that they care the most about. And together on Monday, we're... just gonna take over YouTube... for... for good stuff, and feel good about doing good things together, because... we do.

Humanity... is good. Some people are terrible and broken, but... humanity is good. I believe that.

I think, probably, I'll be able to make a real video tomorrow. So everybody, you'll see me tomorrow. F k.