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In which Hank discusses Giraffe sex, Robert Michael Pyle, Free Passes and how awesome the viewers are.


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Robert Michael Pyle: Hi John, it's Monday April 23rd! (shot of him bowling a strike) And here we are at the Westview Fun Game Place. That's not it! What's it called? Westway Fun Center! Westside fun? (laughs and zooms in on sign behind him that reads Westside Lanes) The fun place in the West! Hank: What does it feel like when you pick up a spare Bob? Robert: Well when I pick up a spare it feels even better than writing a good paragraph, and I know, John, you know what that's like. (at home) That was acclaimed naturalist and award winning nature writer, Robert Michael Pyle. RMP, or Bob, or RobBob as we call him was a visiting professor at my university a couple years ago and I took a class from him. He's an all around super duper guy and is tons of fun to bowl with. He had a lot to do with me becoming a writer, uh, just like you did, so it's nice to kind of introduce you to each other. John I should let you know that I am extremely proud of your mathematics. That was some excellent calculating you did. You hit it right on the head there, nine hundred and forty something pounds of carbon. Not something I'm necessarily proud of, but our videos have been watched over a hundred thousand times! A hundred thousand times! That's a lot of video watching, something like six thousand hours of people watching our videos! Hold on, I'm getting my calculator. If we had to actually pay people for the time that they gave us, and we had to pay them minimum wage, it would have cost us over 30,000 dollars. Brotherhood2.0 even without a living wage has cost the world 30,000 dollars of time. (shows image of giraffe sex) If anyone had ever wondered how, exactly, this works, this is how this works. (back to Hank) Thank you for that 30,000 dollars of time, we're going to use it to decrease world suck, somehow. Frankly, it's good to know that more hours go onto watching this video than into making it. Someone has asked, in the comments, how long it takes to make one of these videos, and that's kind of hard to say. Because I don't just make the video. I write a story at EcoGeek, and I come back and I record some video, and then I go get some breakfast, and I come back and record some more video. But on the days when I really concentrate, it takes a minimum of two hours. It's good to be appreciated. It's good to be appreciated to the tune of 126 votes at the Bloggers' Choice Awards! Holy Frickin Moly! We are catching up to YouTube! Now I know that we're not the biggest video blog project out there, but there are a lot of people watching me talk to you, and that's weird. So I want to thank them, and I want to say if you're at Brotherhood 2.0, (points to bottom of screen) right there. Also, there's been a little bit of talk about me being on someone's free pass list. A free pass list is a list of celebrities that you get to do if you ever get the chance to do. First of all, apparently I'm a celebrity, second of all, apparently I'm on someone's free pass list. And people are asking if I'd like to comment on that. I would not- like to comment on that. I'm fine with it. I'm a little bit disappointed that I came in after Brian Setzer. I would like to say to The Yeti, and to Katherine, who I know are watching. John and I don't have free pass lists, except maybe Helen Hunt. Ehhh, now that I've let that little bit slip, I guess I'll see ya tomorrow.