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Victoria attempts one last experiment with the help of Iggy and Dr. Waldman.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
Iggy DeLacey - Steve Zaragoza -
Eli Lavenza - Brendan Bradley -
Dr. Abraham Waldman - Kevin Rock

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Victoria: Iggy's on his way. We'll load in the equipment and start turning this basement into a lab. Of some sort. We're probably going to have to move the dryer out of the way to make extra room. I'm gonna go ahead and leave this whole part out of my TED talk.
*door creaking*
Victoria: Hello?
Eli: It's me. *nervous laugh*
Victoria: What are you doing here?
Eli: Quite well, thanks for asking. And might I add, it is lovely to see you as well.
Victoria: I'm very busy tonight. Let's talk tomorrow.
Eli: Ehh, let's talk now. I just need, like five minutes.
Victoria: 25 seconds
Eli: That's not how negotiation wor--you know, forget about that. I think you should get out of town for a little while. Go on a trip.
Victoria: What?
Eli: A trip, a vacation, a voyage.
Victoria: Where?
Eli: Somewhere you've always wanted to go.
Victoria: When?
Eli: Right now.
Victoria: I just said I was busy.
Eli: Yeah, I can't help but notice that you're very busy building what appears to be a lab in your father's basement.
Victoria: What's your point?
Eli: Look, I just think we should get away for a little while. Take some time to reevaluate. For both of us.
Victoria: Oh, you're coming with me?
Eli: Of course.
Victoria: Why?
Eli: Because I'm in love with you, dummy. You're a supergenius. How have you not picked up on this?
Victoria: O-okay.
Eli: Really?
Victoria: Let's do it!
Eli: Great! Wow. Okay! Uh, I guess we should figure out where we're gonna go and buy tickets. Or you could buy a ticket. Can we go someplace warm? Like, I really need to pack sunscreen. Do you have miles?
Victoria: I just need three days.
Eli: There it is.
Victoria: I want to go with you, I mean it, I just--I just have some things I need to finish up here.
Eli: Okay. Three days.
Victoria: Eli?
Eli: Yeah.
Victoria: How do you feel about Costa Rica?
Eli: Oh, me gusta. Uh, alright, I'm gonna go.
Victoria: Adios!
Eli: Hasta la vista!
Victoria: Okay, game face. One last experiment. And this time, it's personal.
*into music*
Iggy: You ready for this?
Victoria: No.
Iggy: Sure you are. Today, we are going to take the--
Victoria: Today, by special request, we'll be repeating our reanimation process on a new subject, with significant adjustments. 
Iggy: Now, as with any great medical discovery, it's not science fact until it can be researched and repeated. So, only after today will we confirm our findings and truly make history. 
Victoria: Our subject, this time, will be another male, and I'm told the body suffered significantly less trauma at the time of death, making the process much faster and simpler this time around. Dr. Waldman should be arriving with the patient presently. 
*phone buzzes*
Iggy: That will actually be our corpse now. Actually I mean, you know, it's not our corpse, our corpse can't use a phone. Yet. Hey, Dr. Waldman? Yeah, I'm on my way. 
Ah, man, this guy's super heavy. I thought we asked for a petite!
Waldman: Those were back ordered down at the discount corpse warehouse. That's where I special-order all my corpses. My associate did the best he could with limited time. 
Iggy: Your associate? You talking about Fritz?
Waldman: Where did you hear that name?
Victoria: Iggy! Please begin prepping the patient. 
Iggy: Right. 
Waldman: Well, that's my cue. I wish I could stay. Just know, I think you are an incredible scientist, and no matter what happens here, you can always come to me if you need anything. 
Victoria: Thank you, Dr. Waldman. 
Waldman: But don't call. Or text. And no apps, nothing traceable. And it goes without saying, but, I was never here. 
Iggy: I guess it's pretty clear at this point that he's not watching the show. Should I send him a link or something--
Victoria: Absolutely not. 
Iggy: Okay.
Victoria: So, even though the intended result of both experiments are the same--restoring life to a dead subject--our procedure this time is significantly different from our earlier attempt. 
Iggy: *ahem* Robert was beat up pretty bad before he died, what with the whole avalanche thing, and his body needed a near complete restoration before we could even think about reanimation.
Victoria: Also, Robert was frozen by the Alaskan ice. This lead to several ice crystals forming inside sensitive tissues and organs.
Iggy: Which may have caused the brain damage he's demonstrated since rebirth. Imagine slashing your bare leg against, like, a thousand super sharp ice crystals. Wouldn't that suck? I mean, isn't that just disturbing? Just think about that!
Victoria: Yes, that's horrible. Stop grossing everybody out.
Iggy: *ahem* fortunately, Waldman pumped this new subject full of intravenous cryoprotectant before cold storage, to save the sensitive brain cells from further damage. 
Victoria: I've also just inserted an implantable device into the body, containing both a GPS tracker, so we can monitor any future movements, and a wireless drug-delivery system.
Iggy: Mmm, that's a really good idea!
Victoria: Yes, it is. If the worst happens, it could even serve as a sort of kill switch, allowing me to administer a lethal dose of etorphine to the creature remotely. Just hit this button and it's over. 
Iggy: Okay, why don't you let me hang onto that while you go and finish up all of the final rounds of checks. 
Victoria: Hey, Iggy. 
Iggy: Yes. 
Victoria: I just had a brilliant idea. 
Iggy: Hmm, I love those. Hit me with it. 
Victoria: What if we got rid of this dead person...
Iggy: Mmm, okay, so I'm not sure where you're going with this. 
Victoria: ...And then made it look like I had died and been brought back, to lure the creature in.
Iggy: Yeah, I'm very confused. I don't know what you're trying to say here. 
Victoria: And then, when he got close enough, you stabbed him with something. 
Iggy: Okay, I think "brilliant" might be overselling this idea a little bit. Uh, *clears throat*.
Victoria: Well, we need a new plan, because...I can't do this. It's ghoulish. 
Iggy: You're Victoria Frankenstein! Your middle name is ghoulish! If I hadn't known your middle name was actually Mary, I would have thought from the beginning it was ghoulish.
Victoria: I'm not that person anymore. I see what I can do, and the consequences of what I've done. I can't do it again. 
Iggy: You're still a scientist, and we're standing on the precipice of one of the greatest scientific discoveries in western medicine. Think of all the lives we'd save!
Victoria: Our work hasn't saved lives. It's cost lives. 
Iggy: Need I remind you that that angry, confused meta-human you created out there that killed your best friend is waiting for us to finish his new friend?
Victoria: And you want to bring another one of those angry, confused meta-humans into the world!
Iggy: So did you, like five minutes ago!
Victoria: I was just scared. But I'm not scared anymore. I don't care if Robert comes in here and rips my head off. I will not have any part of this.
Iggy: Wait a minute, you can't just leave me here! COME ON! I need your help, Vick, I can't do this alone!
Victoria: I'm sorry, Iggy! 
Iggy: *sigh*. Well, I'm not thanking you at the Nobel prize ceremony! It's just gonna be me and Waldman, and my potential future wife! 'Cause, by then, I might have a wife! You don't know! Hey, Dr. Waldman. Yeah, I know you told me not to call you on your phone, but, um, I'm gonna need you to come back and, and get that body. Yeah, I'll explain when you get here. Oh, well can you get me a drip coffee and a scone? Perfect, you're the best. Okay by--okay.