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Dr. Doe: This episode brought to you by Adam & Eve.

-- Introduction Cut Scene --

Many people moan during sex. It's called "copulatory vocalization." How? Why? What are the benefits? Moaning happens when air is exhaled and passes through the folds in the larynx - essentially, the more powerful the stream of air, the louder the moan; the slower the vibrations, the lower the pitch. Hormones, genetics, health, even mood can affect the force of an exhale and the speed of the vibrations. For example, when scared or excited, the vocal cords tense up increasing the vibrations so the pitch is a lot higher.

Let's try some moans so you'll know what I mean.

First, breathe in so you have air to push out, then exhale with sound. Here's how the following sexts might sound. "mmmmm, uhhhhhh, ahhhhh! OoooOOOoo"

Why do we do this? Sometimes it's involuntary, the body's automatic natural way of communicating "woah." Note: woah for "amazing" and woah for "ouch" might sound similar, so if you're confused, ask. Another reason to moan is to show off. Researcher Stuart Semple found that female primates were noisier when ovulating like a "come and get it." Or, when they were having sex with a high ranking partner, like a "look who I've got!" We humans do this too! "Neighbors, do you hear this?"

Moaning may also be showing off the physical exertion of giving or receiving, like tennis players grunting as they whack their balls. Check this out: a 2014 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that tennis players aren't working any harder when they grunt, but they perform better when they grunt. Apply this to sex: moaning - same amount of work, better performance.

A third reason to moan is to signal satisfaction. "Ah, that's good, I like that, Oh! More please!"

According to Social Psychologist Dr. Lehmiller, moaning conveys preferences. It reassures partners they're sexually competent and shows gratitude.

Like I said, this could be involuntary, uncontainable enjoyment. Other times, moaning is done with complete, almost strategic, control. Moaning to manipulate.

A study by Brewer and Hendrie, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that moaning is " opportunity [for females] to manipulate male behavior to their advantage." Two-thirds of women in their study said they intentionally make noises to help their partner climax. This can apply to all genders and orientations. Moaning has its way of increasing excitement and speeding up orgasm. Sometimes for the fun and thrill of it, and other times because it hurts, it's boring, I'm tired, there's something else that needs to get done, move it along sir!

Sex doesn't have to involve all of the senses - but it's more "sensational" when it does! Moaning is like a sound track to sex and masturbation. The way that scented candles serve smell, and satin sheets serve touch, moaning serves sound.

In the monologue "The Moaner" by Eve Ensler, there's lots of moans: The Clit; The Vaginal; The Combo Clit/Vaginal; there's an Almost There Moan; an On It Moan; an Elegant Moan; a Mountaintop Moan, and a Machine Gun Moan. I'll have what she's having!

A sixth reason people moan is because they think that's what they're supposed to do. Let's call this "perceived expectations." In TV, film, porn, music, sex is not portrayed as slurping sounds or slapping sounds, it's moaning. We're taught that it's moaning that encourages our partners. It's sexy to moan. The best sex is loud sex. Let's go back to athletes and other noisy activities for a moment. A 2011 study published in the North American Journal of Psychology found that the noises of sports audiences impacted the performances of athletes differently for different sports. For example, in baseball, cheering improved the game; in golf, it didn't. Meaning: What's positive for one person or relationship may be negative for another. Moaning is certainly not an expectation. You don't have to do it, and you don't have to like it. All I ask is that you Stay Curious!

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Dr. Doe: Channeling inner porn star!

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