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In which many goals are scored. I recommend you turn your volume down now...

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Oh! Oh! Off the post and in!

And uh, that's like... that's the kind of- oh! It has to be and it is! It is! It's Other John Green with his standard Other John Green heel click!

All that stuff... like to own a home or whatever, like you have more- Ohhh!

Just cas'. Did I use cas' correctly, Meredith?

To your husband! You love him so much and he just won the game for you in the ninetieth minute!

But by far the biggest change in my life in the last... uh, seven years has been- Ohhh! Hells Pells!

Nice ball in! Ohhh Bald John Green! It's a dream start!

Uhm, I... I did get- Ohhh! The Gaulden child!

Throwing up peanut butter without jelly and bread... it's a sticky situation.

Kennedy, what are you up to? Kennedy! It's two - nil!

Over the top. Bald John Green with the hat-trick!

Oh! Oh! Who's there? Who's there? Who's there? Who's there? Oh! It's Moura!

Uhm, if it's rare and endangered, I'll eat it. Oh! I'm just kidding.

Sarah Green: We have to come up with assignments for our wider-
John Green: GOAL! Lizzie Bennett!

Other John Greeeeeeeeen!

Sarah: ...and then, being there instead of ten minutes late... what have you. So..
John: Maybe you missed it but the reason that Bald John Green is... uh... is... is... is shining the shoes of his husband Other John Green is because there's been a goooooal!

Sarah: Never seen never will, with David Brooks.
John: Ohhh!

Not to- oh! Oh!

That the real... the real hero of that story- Ohhh! [Sings] He scores with his left, he scores with his right, that Less Moore makes Some Moore look shite.

John Green: ...getting open. His husband is there! His husband is there!
Sarah Green: Ah!
John Green: Oh! But it's Hells Pells!

John: ... really interesting to me about contemporary art- Oh my god.
Sarah: So, yes.
John: Oh my god.
Sarah: Goal.

...ailments. It wasn't until- Ohhh!

I mean, these guys, they appear to have been given wings by whatever they're drinking.

...kind of, the Art Assignment viewing community can- Ohhh!

... and finally I just lost it. Oh! How do you like them apples?

So apparently I- Ohhh!

Sometimes they don't communicate. The Gaulden child. The Gaulden child! Oh no, it's Kaz!

Bald John Green. Bald John Green!

[Sings] Girls just want to have Fundingsrud, oh girls just want to have, that's all they really want...

Oh! Oh oh oh oh Ohhh!

He always does... Ya Bamba! To Bald John Green! Bald John Green with the beautiful goal.

By the end, and you know, for me it was just alr-ohhh!

Yeah, you fouled me. That was rude. Porto. More like Foul-to. Anybody? Not so good at this game. Both the commenting and the playing.