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In which buttons are confusing, but sometimes helpful.

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Not his best work. Maybe that would have been a good time for the X button. My old friend X.

Go! You've got it! That's a Y button moment.

Oh! Oh oh oh! I hit the wrong button! What is this, 2011? Agh. God, you can't hit the wrong button against Arsenal.

What I've learned is that if you hit B for the right amount of time you can really cook it.

Get in the net! How many times do I have to press the B button to make a dream come true?

Now would be a time to use the X button. But instead I'm not going to. I'm going to Ya Bamba.

Ah, more use of the Y button. Maybe LB plus Y on occasion, like you see right there. Not my best use of it.

I know I should hit the X button but it's not who I am as a person.

Through to Francombstein! Oh! It didn't get through. I probably should have lifted the ball into the air using the RB button.

Get it! Get it! Double get it! Triple get it! Why don't you get up? I think I was hitting the B button too many times or something?

That's some nice football. Yeah! It's a good use of the Y button.

Oh! Get the ball! Get the ball! Oh, that should have been great. If I were better at pushing buttons at the right time that would have been epic.

I hit the, uhm, the turbo button and they have no turbo. They're just like, I regret to inform you that I'm exhausted.

That's just a beautiful through-ball. Past the entire Plymouth Argyle defense. Excellent use of the Y button, and AFC Wimbledon are up 4 nil.

Oh! He was offside. The disappointment is palpable. If I had just hit... you see, I should have hit the yellow button a little bit faster.

Seb Brown! That was not a good pass, Sebby-boy. I probably should have hit the X button there, Meredith. I apologize.

Anything but this! D'aw. Everything worked out better than expected. Would have been a good time to use the X button, but we chose not to.