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In which Hank interviews his wife on the occasion of their fifth anniversary (or thereabouts.)


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Hank: Good morning John, it's Monday! Katherine and I are in the San Juan Islands for our fifth... year... anniversary. C'mere. Katherine: Y'wanna... bring my chair, or just come over there? Hank: You can bring my - you can bring your chair. We are on our fifth year anniversary vacation. Katherine: Yes, we are. H: It's been five years that we've been married. K: Mm-hmm. H: What do you think? K: I could do it for another five at least. H: So she's in for another five, folks. K: At least five. H: I don't think that's how marriage works. K: Come - come - come ask me again. H: In another five years? K: Yeah. H: Where are we? K: Ah, we are in Washington State. H: Yep. K: On San Juan Island. H: This is - K: Why are you petting me? H: I love you. It's an nice - it's a nice place for staying, though, right? K: Do it again. H: Ooooaaaaahhhh, hahahaha. I wanna show everybody something. K: He's gone. Oh, this is - in - this is indicative of how nice the place we're staying is. H: This is how - this - this is how you know how, how, how nice a place is. K: This is the toilet bowl brush. H: If it were to talk, what would it sound like? K: Oh, I don't know. I don't know what a toilet brush says, there - H: Helloooooooo! I clean the loo! K: Euaaahhh! What's wrong with you? Nooooo! H: When we got married, what did you think of me? Has it changed? K: No. H: No? K: I mean, we were - we had, we had, we'd dated for a long time before we got married, so, y'know, I had a pretty formed opinion of you. H: What do you think about nerdfighteria? K: Appreciative... H: You also want me to have more time... in my life. K: I love hanging out with you; that's like, my favorite thing to do. H: Aw. So you're jealous of them. K: A little bit jealous. Sometimes. H: Are you enjoying Hankgames? K: Yeah, it's really fun. And I love going back and watching them, and seeing, like - H: Oh! we had fun! K: - the stupid jokes we made. I never was, like, a person who played video games by myself. Even when I was growing up, when we had like NES... H: Yeah. K: was most fun when my friends would come over and we would play Battletoads. H: It's a social thing, yeah. It's now to the point where there are games when you can play multiplayer that you can't play local multiplayer, you have to play it online. K: Yeah that's sad. H: That's sad to me. Even watching other people, like even watching Melissa play Ocarina of Time. K: Or Pikmin. H: Or Pikmin, yeah! K: What a good world. I like that little world. H: Mhhm. Them happy little guys dying for you. K: Yeah, they just decide that they really like you and follow you around. "Throw me at a thing!" They just needed a leader. (fog horn blares outside) K: Oh! Both: A ferry! H: What do you think about ferries? K: I don't believe. H: You don't believe in ferries? Ohhhh! She doesn't believe in fairies! What about slugs? K: Oh, I like slugs. I didn't know that I liked slugs. H: We, yeah. K: I hate like the tiny little garden slugs. H: Slimy. K: Lemon will lay down in the grass and she'll stand up and there'll be like nine slugs on her legs. H: But in Washington, there's like these HUGE... I'll put video of them over this. K: Well, we didn't even see like the big banana slugs. H: Banana slugs. And you were like stroking it. K: They're so cool! H: Yeah, and it was like changing shape. K: Yeah! H: It was like a Transformer. K: It's got these different body shapes - parts. Yeah. H: Different colors and they're really big and I, I touched its eye and its eye was like BWANG! It was really cool. K: So I really enjoyed meeting the slugs in Washington. H: Yeah, and then our Washington friends were like, "Yeah, they're slugs. They're gross. You step on them and it's gross." So it's beautiful here, so we're going to go for a hike now. K: Yeah! Both: Yaaaay! H: Thanks for being married to me. K: Thank you for being married to me. I like it. H: John, we'll see you on Wednesday.